Nikki Giovanni has retired from Virginia Tech and is planning two new books

Thirty-five years after arriving at Virginia Tech, rooted in her legacy of educating college students, Nikki Giovanni is pinning her hat as an English professor, but the 79-year-old has no plans to slow down.

The Knoxville native, literary icon, and civil rights campaigner is preparing to focus on writing books about her childhood, which fans have grown to love.

“It was time. I am an old woman now, and I heard that if you don’t retire, they will fire you,” she joked.

But retirement does not stand in the way of her connection to the thousands of young people she has taught over the years.

“I will always be a hockey player. I will really miss my students more than anything. They keep you very alert to what’s going on right now. I’m a history major and love looking back. I love my generation, but kids bring in,” she told Knox News.

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