“Now you just look like everyone else.”

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

He watched us closely Megan Fox beauty transformation throughout her career. And while she was undoubtedly a natural beauty in some of her early screen appearances like 2001’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, vacation in the sunthe drastic change in her appearance when she transitioned into big Hollywood movies such as transformers, And recent music videos like Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloody Valentine fiancé, not to mention Countless Instagram posts And red carpet appearances, they’re hard to ignore! And her fans, in case it wasn’t already clear, They are *not* happy!

Megan Fox before and after photos

we I like to compare The oldest and newest celebrity photos, and I love it even more when social media does all the hard work for us! Instagram account @celebface posted some pictures of the 36-year-old Johnny and Clyde A star from her new look at the start of her Hollywood career in 2005, next to her most recent one, which ends with 2022, and to say the difference is stunning would be a massive understatement! We actually can’t believe this is the same person!

Did Megan Fox undergo plastic surgery?

The topic of plastic surgery can be considered taboo for many celebrities, and Please and faith Alum is no exception. More on this later! although until death an actress She has never come out and confirmed if she’s had any plastic surgery (like Khloe Kardashian has when she confessed to get a nose job!) Meghan’s fans have almost done it to her with their constant online speculation. The comments section of @celebface’s Instagram post from November 8th was *full* of ideas, and if we were to hear just some of the comments, getting Meghan plastic surgery seems like a no-brainer! (Although, of course, nothing has been confirmed, and everything we’re discussing here is speculation!)

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Fans bash Meghan’s transformation

“Everyone looks so alike now,” one disapproving fan wrote in the comments section, referring to her transformation. Another wrote: “She was always beautiful and still is, but now her face looks like any other Kardashian lookalike.” Another said: “All the same measures to look like an insta-dacian clone like the rest. You lose all individuality.” Another fan said, “It used to be beautiful but it looks like a cartoon now.” Another added, “She was so pretty and now she looks like everyone else. I’m sick of this,” while another wanted to remind other fans that age can play a role in the change in her appearance as well.

“While she has continued to fully modify her face (and body) and has begun to use the ‘Instagram face’ a bit too much for my personal taste, people need to remember that 2008 Meghan was almost 15 years ago and will always be tough to compare to that,” one fan commented. Stop trying to fit into the “Kim k/influencer” mold, though. She’s such a beautiful, creative woman who actually makes herself look more basic with all the FaceApp and filler etc.” Another fan didn’t blame Meghan, but actually blamed society, writing: “Imagine literally being a beauty icon and having one of the prettiest faces And still get work done. Society will not allow women to exist as they are.” “From true beauty to plastic Barbie… sad!” added another fan.

Did Megan Fox get a nose job?

Fans have been speculating as to what will fit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star It may or may not be, including alleged rhinoplasty, fillers, facelifts, and the list goes on. “3 noses later,” one fan quipped in the comments section. “Love her original nose so much,” another wrote, followed by a crying emoji, referring to her slimmer and more refined nose suggesting she may have had rhinoplasty.

Does Megan Fox have fillers?

The internet seems unanimously agreed that Meghan has been getting Botox and fillers for some time now, and her fans regularly express their concern and disapproval. “It’s always the upper lip, always. Stop getting upper lip fillers! Her lips were perfect,” said one fan, referring to speculation that she had lip fillers to make them appear fuller and more voluminous. “What happened to her lips?” one fan asked. One fan responded, “Whether or not she has filler like others say, she’s striped. Her lip coverage has been a bit of a trend.”

In addition to fillers, facelifts are also discussed in the comments section. “Your face gets slimmer when you get older and sags, so she probably got a lift. Hence ‘all the celebs look the same as Kim K. ‘Cause everyone’s aged and they’ve all gotten the same kind of face-lift/filler combination,” one fan speculated. One fan wrote, “Her face is so chiseled now. It’s going so manly. Her face before was gorgeous.”

What did Megan Fox say about plastic surgery?

back in 2010, Jennifer’s body an actress confirmed to Lure She didn’t have any work done to her lips, saying, “You can clearly see that my lips are my lips,” but fans aren’t convinced that’s still true to this day. She told the singer at the time: “I would encourage anyone to first talk to a therapist, to try and figure out where that craving is coming from because a lot of times it’s not about your teeth or your nose or your chin.” “Surgery is not going to relieve that insecurity for you. If you feel like, ‘This is something I want to do,’ then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the things we do.”

Interestingly, Meghan mentioned her teeth, as it appears she had porcelain veneers fitted to give her that much needed look A perfectly symmetrical Hollywood smile. Although, if we’re being honest, her natural smile was pretty adorable at first!

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What do the experts say

We can speculate all day and all night (which we often do!) but we love hearing from industry professionals, too, because they have a whole field of knowledge that we normal people don’t. Earlier this year, holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Yoon shared his expert opinion on YouTube and compared photos of her from when she was just 17 years old to the present day.

In Yoon’s opinion, Megan could have had Botox to alter the appearance of her eyebrows and fill her lips since the age of 21. In 2008, when she was 22 years old, he predicted that she was going to have rhinoplasty because her nose already looked more refined. In 2010, Yoon speculated that Megan had Botox and filler injections under her cheeks, as well as in her lips. He also speculated that she would have had buccal fat removal shortly afterwards, as well as a chin augmentation via a silicone chin implant to make her appear more angular.

Image comparison Meghan at the 2021 VMAs, Yoon thought she could have had an endoscopic brow lift as her eyebrows appear to be more lifted and arched than they did just a few years ago. Yoon also spoke about her eyes, speaking of their more “confused” appearance, which he said could be due to what’s known as fox-eye (how appropriate!) or cat-eye surgery, which involves taking the corners of the eyelids and moving them further to give a cat-eye appearance. italics. He also speculated that she could have had a second rhinoplasty, as her nose appears to be shorter and more refined than in previous years. Her ultra-smooth, wrinkle-free appearance is a sign that she undergoes regular Botox treatments and has fillers to keep her face flawless, Yoon says, and is also credited with skincare treatments like chemical peels and laser treatments, among other things.

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