Packers’ Aaron Rodgers could face NFL reprimand for drug use

Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers before the 2022 Capital One match.

The Green Bay Packers They have the dominant NFL MVP lined up for them in the quarterback this season, but the complications Aaron RodgersCharacter extends far beyond the lines of the football field.

The NFL hasn’t released a statement on the quarterback since it was revealed during Wednesday’s broadcast that he used a plant hallucinogen called ayahuasca while visiting South America in 2020.

It is not clear what, if any, punitive powers the university has through its code of conduct policy, especially given that Rodgers was merely a verbal admission about drug activity that occurred years ago on a different continent. However, the US government classifies ayahuasca as a Schedule I drug, which places it in the same category with heroin, LSD (commonly known as acid), ecstasy and marijuana.

Ayahuasca also contains an NFL-banned substance known as DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine). That fact could open a different can of worms for Rodgers, although any attempt by the NFL to punish him for such a violation would not be backed by a positive drug test – unless QB continues to use the hallucinogen since returning from South America and tests positive. Later.

Did Rodgers miss a game in 2022 for whatever reason, former first-round draft pick and third-year reserve quarterback? Jordan’s love It will fill under the center.

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The former NFL player indicates that the league is unhappy with Rodgers

Shannon Sharp Eagles

GTShannon Sharp after being inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame on February 5, 2011 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Shannon Sharpa former NFL expert and prominent sports analyst for Fox Channel, spoke to him TMZ Sports On Friday, he said he believed Rodgers may have caused some trouble with Commissioner Roger Goodell by admitting to drug use.

I don’t know that the NFL is too happy to take hallucinogens. I’m sure the commissioner will reach out and talk to him. I’m sure the NFL will probably call him and say, “That’s not a good look.”

[Rodgers’ use of ayahuasca] It seems strange to me. But whatever helps a person become a better person and find their inner self, I’m great at it.

Rodgers QB Packer said drug use led to the best career seasons

Watson to Aaron Rodgers

GTGreen Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers looks on during a fourth-quarter stoppage against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on December 19, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rodgers opened up about his use of hallucinations and how it helped him become a more successful footballer as part of the August 3 edition of Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Rodgers added that the reason the experiment was useful was that it allowed him to “love [himself] Unconditionally.” He said the results led to improved mental health and improved relationships with his teammates, which Rodgers directly credited with helping him win back-to-back MVP awards over the past two seasons.

The Aaron Rodgers Challenge Journey to Self-Love and Mental Health | Aubrey Marcus PodcastIn a sports world where every word and every action is scrutinized by pundits and bloggers alike, it’s rare for an athlete at the top of the game to share the raw and weak truth. In this ground-breaking podcast, Super Bowl winner Aaron Rodgers breaks down with a radical original about his challenging journey to…2022-08-03 T12:54:47Z

I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I really do. I don’t believe in chance at this point. It is the universe that brings things to happen when they are meant to happen.

there [are] Signals and synchronicity are all around us at all times — if we’re awake enough to see and absorb them and listen to our intuition when it talks to us or hits us in the head saying, “Hey, stupid, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Whatever the reason, it’s hard to argue that the last two seasons haven’t been the best in Rodgers’ career. He was named to the Pro Bowl and was named the first All Pro team of the two years while leading the entire league in the QB rankings.

During these two campaignsRodgers also had 8,414 yards and 85 touchdowns, compared to just nine interceptions. He also rushed for 250 yards and six touchdowns.

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