When the time comes, I’d like to die on my own terms – but the Massachusetts Supreme Court won’t let me.| Austin Sarat | to rule

2022 It was a bad year Substantive due process claims in US constitutional law. The low point came Dobbs v. Mississippiwhen the US Supreme Court sledgehammered decades of precedent that established reproductive freedom as a fundamental right under Title XIV.The tenth amendment. in a Dobbs Opinion, Judge Samuel Alito insist on it Roe v. Wade … Read more

US Army Soldiers Get Night Vision Hybrid Reality Goggles In 2023; China is also training with VR for close combat

The U.S. Army is ready to enter future battlefields with all-new “combat glasses” as modern warfighting becomes more technologically driven and foreign military powers integrate advanced systems to enhance combat readiness. After some technical glitches and delays, select soldiers in operational and training units will finally receive the US Army’s new “Mixed Reality” glasses in … Read more

Liverpool is a gackpo transfer

January is usually a quiet month for transfers, but the Premier League’s winter spending in 2022 was actually the second-highest in history and more than half the money (€335m, according to Market transfer) by the last five clubs: Everton, Norwich City, Newcastle United, Watford and Burnley. 2 related With the World Cup resting in Qatar … Read more

‘Don’t Leave Us Hanging’ Serena Williams’ Husband-Alexis Ohanian’s Crypt Christmas Tweet Sparks Rumors Among Fans

Alexis Ohanian, an American millionaire investor, recently shared a cryptic message on his Twitter profile. Fans speculated that the letter referred to his wife, the legendary tennis player, Serena Williams. Many fans wrote on Twitter that they believe Williams is pregnant with her second child. Williams and Ohanian welcomed their first child, Olympia, in 2017. … Read more

Seven iOS features launching or expanding in 2023

2023 is upon us and it will be another busy year for iPhone software. While details about iOS 17 are still scant, Apple has previously announced several features that will be available this year as part of upcoming updates such as iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4. Below, we’ve summarized seven iOS features that are expected … Read more