Phison Onboard with AMD and Micron to Enter the PCIe Gen 5 Era and AM5 Platform to Accelerate Next-Gen NVMe SSD Adoption

Phison just did announce Its strategic partnership with AMD & Micron to kickstart the era of PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDs Platforms like AM5.

Phison announces PCIe Gen 5 strategic relationship with AMD and Micron at Computex 2022

Phison Electronics Corp. announced today. , a leading provider of NAND controllers and flash storage solutions, announces a strategic collaboration with AMD and Micron to build collaborative PCIe Gen 5 ecosystem for compatible products It elevates the gaming and content creator experience. Phison’s role includes introducing the class-leading PCIe Gen5 SSD controller – the PS5026-E26 – featuring approximately 2x performance increases over the previous flagship generation while adhering to the same power limitations of the M.2 form factor.

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“We are pleased to announce our collaborative effort with Micron and AMD to advance the technological evolution of PCIe Gen5 storage offerings, as this underscores Phison’s commitment to upholding customer-centric values,” said Liu Huang, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Phison. “The E26 console allows gamers to compete at the highest level and helps content creators maximize overall system performance to increase productivity.”

The need for high-speed storage has increased with the spread of 5G wireless network all over the world. Global markets including desktop computers, laptops, game consoles, cloud servers and even mobile devices will benefit from the increased data transfer rates and available bandwidth for multitasking purposes. The ecosystem consisting of AMD’s AM5 platform, Phison’s PS5026-E26 controller, Micron’s DDR5 DRAM, and Replacement Gate 3D NAND allows platform acceleration across the entire system to meet the demands of today’s always-connected lifestyle.

“Micron’s collaboration with AMD and Phison aims to provide the industry’s most powerful storage offering and high-performance computing experience available to consumers,” said Jonathan Wich, Director of Product Line Management at Micron. “Through its Crucial-branded products, Micron is focused on delivering high-value NAND solutions to PC enthusiasts. This unique combination of Micron NAND and Phison’s Gen5 controller, along with AMD’s AM5 platform, will help accelerate the transition to PCIe Gen 5 SSDs. .”

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“Our goal is to deliver an amazing increase in bandwidth to accelerate PC performance and user experience,” said Leah Schwepp, Senior Manager, Storage and Memory, AMD. “The collaboration with Micron and Phison demonstrates AMD’s commitment to enabling and elevating gaming experiences and future creators with AMD’s new socket technology.”

Phison has an all-inclusive schedule for Computex 2022 with an exciting comprehensive product line of storage solutions. In addition to offering the PS5026-E26 PCIe Gen 5 main console, the company will also offer:

  • The first PCIe Gen4 BGA solid state drive to use the PS5021-E21T controller.
  • PS5027-E27T, the next generation of PCIe Gen4 without DRAM solution designed to overcome the stick power requirements of mobile computing, will be discussed for the first time.
  • E18DC, an M.2 form factor data center solution for diverse workloads including server booting and reading intensive.
  • PS8318 is a UFS 3.1 troubleshooter targeting a wide range of markets including virtual reality and mobile.
  • E21T, is an energy-efficient industrial Gen4 solution designed to lower costs while increasing productivity.
  • MPT series of custom car storage products.
  • The world’s first PCIe 5.0 Redriver IC with PCI-SIG certification.

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