Pokémon Go is ending one PokéCoin Remote Raid Pass on May 23

pokemon go Players will have fewer opportunities to participate in remote game raids (for free, anyway) starting next week. Developer Niantic announced Thursday that it plans to end the weekly distribution of cheap Raid cards that have been included in One-PokéCoin packages for the past two years, when the company launches Added new adaptive gameplay feature pokemon go The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting May 23, pokemon goIn a post on the game’s official website, Niantic said that the in-game store will no longer include remote raid lanes in weekly PokéCoin event chests. Instead, this cheap weekly chest will contain a “rotating array of items,” Niantic said.

Announcing the change, Niantic said he was “excited to get back to playing together in person” and that he was working on ways to “support players who find it difficult to get to gyms” through “solutions such as tools for community leaders to organize faster local events and approve gyms.” New “.

The pokemon go The manufacturer also says that it will be adding new social features to its mobile game in the next few months. Those were social features On test in a separate and standalone app It can be accessed to select players from another Niantic game, Entry, since early May. This social app allows players to talk to each other and coordinate meetings directly through the app pokemon go Players have typically done so through third-party services, such as Discord, over the years.

While Niantic’s promise to make it easier for players to coordinate encounters and access new gyms will likely help reduce the effects of inexpensive distant raid passes, Losing the comfort of another pandemic era It will definitely cause some anger. Players can still purchase Remote Raid Passes in the store, but they cost 100 PokéCoins for a single pass, and 250 coins for a three-pack. Players can earn up to 50 coins daily for free by keeping sports clubs, or paying real money for bundles of coins.

Polygon sent some questions to pokemon go Live Game Director Michael Steranka about the changes, and our Q&A email is available below.

Polygon: For players who don’t use the external social features you plan to bring in pokemon goCan you expand on what you hope it brings to existing players?

Michael Steranka: Meeting other coaches is an important part of pokemon go Experience is what makes it part pokemon go It’s different from almost any other game. We know that for new coaches, or even seasoned coaches who have been massively raiding from home in the last couple of years, those skills and habits need to be learned or re-learned. What we are working on is a set of social tools and features that will enable coaches to easily see where other coaches are playing and congregate and to inform others where they are planning a battle or raid. So, during Community Day, let’s say you’re traveling to a new city and want to meet local coaches. You’ll be able to do it at a glance once you have these tools ready. I must add that privacy protection is very important to us, and all of these features will be optional and can be set so you can decide with whom to share what you want and to what degree.

What is the reason for Raid Cards to be withdrawn from 1 PokéCoin event chest? Will there be other ways players can get them outside the store?

Our goal is to rebalance the fun of raiding together and head to head again. Cuts and discounts are really powerful ways of letting coaches know what kinds of game episodes they should be focusing on at any given moment. If there is an ongoing hatching event, we may offer incubators, for example. We want to take advantage of the 1 PokéCoin package to do just that going forward, and use it to emphasize other types of play.

That’s why we’re increasing our rewards for meeting in person for tough raid challenges. This is part of our return process pokemon go for that main experience.

This does not mean that the remote raid as an option will expire, because we are aware of the convenience it provides to players. Our goal is to restore joy that can only be experienced in person, like when you caught your first loggia in the gym and went head to head with your friends.

Note that with this change, there will be no other ways to receive free remote raid passes. However, our goal is to offer great value in the in-store deals for our events, and there is a possibility that remote raid passes will be included in those packages in the future.

What kind of items should players expect from a single PokéCoin event chest from now on?

We plan on rolling a variety of things, so it’s hard to say definitively at this point. However, the PokéCoin 1 spinner made its debut in 2020 and had many permutations. These previous versions are good references for where the package is likely to go forward.

Are there any other changes planned for raids, like returning EX raids or ways to make them more convenient for players who might not be able to find people to join them?

Certainly, the new social features I mentioned in Niantic will play a big role here. I can’t reveal much just yet because we have initial details coming out at next week’s Niantic Lightship event, but later this summer, instructors will have the tools to easily meet others in IRL raid battles and more.

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