Predictions for the second day of the Australian Open including Matteo Berrettini and Andy Murray

Last year at the US Open, Andy Murray and Matteo Berrettini played a thrilling four-set match, and they will now have a rematch in Australian Open Championship On the second day of the tournament. Our panelists submit their predictions for that match, and Every day 2 matches in Melbournewith Last Word on Tennis providing complete coverage of the tournament.

Matteo Berrettini vs. Andy Murray

Damien Kost: Tough draw, but perhaps a lot more brutal for Murray than it is for Berrettini. The Italian has looked fantastic at the ATP Cup and has a proven track record of best-of-five plays in recent years. He would be very disappointed to lose this. Berrettini at 4

Josh Hall: This is a repeat of the third round of the 2022 US Open, when Berrettini came out on top in 4 sets. A lot will depend on Murray’s form, he has been preparing for the Koyeong Classic and has shown signs of optimism. In that match at the US Open, Murray only created 4 breakout chances, with the expected fast conditions. I was leaning towards Berrettini coming off the top again. Berrettini has been a consistent performer in Grand Slams the past couple of years, hitting a second week slam on a few occasions. Berrettini at 4

Shane Black: A very tough draw for both players as Matteo Berrettini and Andy Murray have hopes going into week two. Murray showed flashes of greatness last season, but I don’t think he has the current level to beat a player like Berrettini in five sets. Quick conditions will only help the Italians. Berrettini at 4

Yesh Ginsberg: What a great first-round match. Berrettini is still a potential major tournament winner when healthy. Murray…well, who knows? He seems to be in the top 10 some moments, but not for whole weeks. Sometimes the matches are not even complete. However, his return should slow down Brittini enough for us to have a great match. Berrettini at 5

Tanasi Kokkinakis vs Fabio Fognini

Damien: Kokkinakis has played a lot of tennis the past two weeks, however His level was simply excellent In almost every match. He wouldn’t even need to be good against Fognini, who is struggling at the moment. The Australian looked like a different beast at home. Kokkinakis at 4

Josh: Kokkinakis came into this match after two weeks of positive performances in Adelaide, but he won last year in Adelaide and lost in straight sets in the first round of the Australian Open. Fabio Fognini is somewhat impossible to predict these days, he is probably in his final year of competition but he is very dangerous nonetheless. This game has a lot of questions for me. How long do cokinakis stay in the tank? What will Fognini show? Kokkinakis at 5

SHENE: Thansi Kokkinakis holds a 4-2 record to start the season after cruising to the semifinals in Adelaide. The Australian will have the fans on his side and should use that to his advantage. Kokkinakis’ fine serve should thwart Fabio Fognini and seal victory. Kokkinakis at 4

yosh: Fognini is past his term and probably near the end of his career. It’s still fun to watch, but Kokkinakis has a real future if the Australian can stay healthy. Kokkinakis at 3

Jan-Lennard Struff vs Tommy Paul

Damian: It could be one of the matches of the tour. Struff had a very dominant qualifying campaign and a solid start to the season as a whole. Paul is totally unfazed despite his incredible athleticism and fortitude. This must be a great fight. Paul at 5

Josh: Jan-Lennard Struff has successfully qualified for the main draw at the Australian Open, and faces a tough first round against an improving Tommy Poole. Paul is leading a 2-0 header, and is a player who sneaks under the radar. A lot will depend on the first set, Lennard-Struve struggles mentally, and if I run into a set deficit, I can only see this going one way. Paul at 5

Sheen: Tommy Ball had a career year off in 2022 and just missed out on a seed in the event. This looks like a straight match for the Americans, but form may play a factor in this. Paul has only played 2 games this season (1-1), while Jan-Lennard Struff holds a 6-1 record in his youth season. The German will push Paul, but I don’t think that will be enough. Paul at 5

ysh: Tommy Paul has been very good in 2022. I expect him to kick off 2023 on a strong note, with a good run in Melbourne. Paul at 4

Joao Souza vs. Roberto Bautista Agut

Damien: Bautista Agut is going to be second in Oakland, which could make his tank go down a bit. The extra day should help, and Souza doesn’t seem to be that serious at the moment. Bautista Agut at 4

Josh: This match will be as stressful to watch as it will be for the players. This game will be a grind for both players, and the baseline will see a lot of action. Bautista-Agut has been performing at a much higher level over the past two years. Sousa has enough quality to steal a combo, but Bautista-Agut will be very consistent and can be expected to crush Sousa for the win. Bautista Agut at 4

SHINE: Roberto Bautista Agut rounds off second place in Adelaide. The veteran Spaniard plays some solid tennis and should thrive on Melbourne’s hard courts. Joao Souza does not have the weapons to punish the RBA. Bautista Agut at 4

yosh: Bautista Agut is starting to show signs of letting up. He never had the talent to win a title, but he had the fortitude at every point to get close to it. This consistency is slowly gliding off. Troubles will come for the Spaniard, although this is not the right game to start for them. Bautista Agut at 3

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