Preview of Ohio State men’s basketball player: Bowen Hardman

With the beginning of August and the football season moving from dream to reality, we here at Land-Grant Holy Land are committed to providing the best football coverage possible. But also, the best possible basketball coverage too.

Similar to last season, we will be running player and team previews between now and the start of the season. Although it’s early to start previewing things, it will take 13 weeks for all the previews to work perfectly because there will be 13 player previews and 13 team previews, and we’ll be working twice a week. Since we’re three months away from the basketball season, we’re starting to preview the player now.

The first ones we’ll do are the five freshmen on Chris Hotelman’s list. Next, we’ll do the transfers and, finally, the Buckeyes back. First, Bowen Hardman.

Noun: Bowen Hardman
to rise: 6 feet -3
Weight: 165 pounds
High school: Princeton High School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Season: student
2021-22 Statistics: Unavailable

prospects: Hardman ranks lowest among the inductees in the 2022 enlistment category, but he’s still a strong player who turned heads in high school and earned his nickname. Ohio State He advanced early in his high school career. He is also the longest-committed recruit and has dubbed Ohio his “dream school.”

As a novice, Hardman averaged 15.1 points per game and 3.2 rebounds per game while shooting nearly 38 percent from his three-point range.

He is known as a shooter but he is a shooter who can get in the lane and get creative as well. He can create paint, shoot players and get to the rotten streak.

Hardman came on the list as a 6-foot-4, 160-pound shooter from Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hardman was a three-star recruit and ranked 308th inductee in the nation, 48th in shooting range and 12th in Ohio, according to 247 Sports.

anticipation: Hardman predicted not really anything would happen on the field. The main thing he needs to focus on is development. Hardman has talked about his transition and upgrading since he arrived in Columbus with Griffin Strom of the Eleven Warriors.

“I would definitely say the weight room, and I think that’s the biggest thing. You’ll go up in high school, but in college you go up the elevator,” Hardman said. “You find out how to actually get stronger and go from high school to college.”

“(The first few weeks) were definitely tough,” Hardman added. The exercises on the ground were a lot faster. The weight room is huge, and that’s a big part, and that’s probably the hardest part yet. It’s definitely been really cool so far, just being able to be one of the guys, seeing different guys doing different jobs, playing different roles has been phenomenal.”

With the way the slate is being shaped, it’s likely that Hardman will dance. With the other four freshmen, three transfers, and five bucks back, that’s 12 guys going to watch some time. It would really make sense for Hardman to do what Kalen Itzler did last season and red jersey and take the season to gain some muscle and get used to the speed of the game. Itzler has benefited as he looks faster, stronger and is ready to go this season.

Also, Ohio State is losing at least four players next season and there will be more minutes for Hardman to take.

prediction: The final prediction is that Hardman will take a season for the red jersey and use the season to get stronger. If he doesn’t, we can adjust and set actual expectations and expectations for him, but at the moment I don’t expect to see Hardman on the field this season and in the end, I think that’s a positive for him overall. improvement and development.

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