Prince Harry creates strange companions

Mayor Eric Adams believes that many parents are easily manipulated by their spoiled children.

Adams said in an interview with Arthur Aidala on the Power Hour radio program on AM 970:

“I think fathers are trying to be cool and not be fathers. People are criticizing me for saying that, but my mom was a 5-5, and any sign of disrespect a 5-5 woman would hit me on the butt. She never took a mess. She raised four boys.” And I was Knuckles.”

He continued, “We need to go back to some good old-fashioned parenting and really do what’s acceptable and what isn’t. And I think we’ve lost that. Our kids are confused.”

Mayor Eric Adams

Aidala, whose guests included Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly, had Adams talk about dyslexia.

“I remember how confused I was and got bullied and caught, called ‘stupid student’. They would write it on the back of my chair. I was always scared when the teacher called me and I had to read because … all the letters were kind of complicated and jumbled together.”

Dyslexia, and the way he overcame it, explains how Adams could speak so eloquently without any notes.


One of the good things that could come out of the publication of Prince Harry’s “Spire” is the engagement of Queen Camilla and Princess Kate.

The wives of Charles and William are attacked in the book. Harry calls Camilla “dangerous” and “wicked”. He blames Kate for making Megan cry in the days leading up to their wedding.

But now both women are united as victims of the overbearing prince.

Heaps of Prince Harry's new book

The bad blood makes Harry less likely to attend his father’s coronation in May.

“Harry has no role there, and his family doesn’t want him there,” my source said. “He chose criticism over class.”


Benedict Cumberbatch could breathe a spectacle of relief.

The Barbados government would not pursue the actor for damages because his family owned 250 slaves there before they were freed in 1833.

“until now no [the Caribbean Community’s reparations commission] Neither Barbados has formally filed a compensation claim against a European family,” David Comecheong, a Barbadian politician, activist and panelist, wrote in an op-ed. in Barbados today.

Comissiong added that it is easier for the task force to focus on legal entities such as governments or corporations, rather than on the family.

Benedict Cumberbatch at the AFI Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif., on March 11, 2022.

Cumberbatch called slavery “a scar on human history” in an interview in 2007, in which he bitterly admitted, “Cumberbatch — sounds like a bathroom fart, doesn’t it?”

“What a tender old name. I can’t say that on a Monday morning. When I became an actor, my mom wasn’t keen on keeping it. She used to say, “They’ll come after you for the money.”


Bob Iger, back at Disney, wonders what to do about Dana White, who heads up the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

White got into a drunken fight with his wife, Ann, on New Year’s Eve in Mexico, after she slapped him first.

Disney owns ESPN, which broadcasts UFC matches.

“The UFC deal is up for renewal, and Disney says we won’t renew the deal unless Dana White is suspended,” a source said.

Robert Iger at the world premiere of the movie

White, who has repeatedly apologized for losing his temper, said, “There are more things I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life that are more punishment than I’m going to take 30 days, 60 days of absence. It’s not a punishment for me. The punishment is that I did it, and now I have to.” to deal with it.”

White reportedly earns $20 million annually from the UFC, and will continue to collect even if he is suspended.


Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller will be among the culinary celebrities to wish Dr. Bruno Gossault, Chief Scientist at Cuisine Solutions, a happy 81st birthday later this month.

Dr. Goussault has trained 80% of the world’s Michelin-starred chefs in the art of video cooking, which he has mastered. The company’s video products are used in more than 26,000 restaurants worldwide, including Starbucks.

His birthday coincides with Sous Vide Day, which will be celebrated with parties all over the world on January 26th.


Harlem-based artist Guy Stanley Feloch will celebrate Black History Month with a show opening February 1 at Cavalier Galleries on W. 24th St.

The illustrator will display portraits of notable black visionaries including “Master of None” star Lena Waithe, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, and James Baldwin, who wrote “Go Tell it on the Mountain.”


Jeff Lima has been busy starring on NBC’s Chicago Fire with Joe Minoso, been on HBO’s Show Me a Hero alongside Winona Ryder, and on CBS’ FBI show opposite Missy Peregrym.

But the actor will present the fifth annual Jeff Lima Production Award to a graduate student or alumnus of the New York Tisch Film School, where Lima studied.

Lima said the award will include a $10,000 grant for the budding filmmaker to shoot a short film that “bolsters a Latino screen presence.” Applications open later this month.


Chef Jamie Oliver — in town promoting “ONE: Simple One-Pan Wonders” — headed south after a book signing at Union Square Barnes & Noble. Oliver is seen in Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Tin Building restaurant in the House of the Red Pearl.


Bethenny Frankel and her daughter, Brynn, shopped at Arthur Street and Madonia Bakery in The Bronx, and the former Real Madrid New York housewife tweeted, “Some girls are on the market. We are always on the market.”

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