Rod Stewart’s daughter Robbie Stewart is engaged to Jake Kalitch

Robbie Stewart She is the future bride!

The singer and model, 35, whose parents are rockers Rod StewartAnd She announced her engagement to Jake Kalic Sunday’s partner on Instagram.

“Yeah…always finding your hand to hold in the middle of the night…to always doing some situation we can both laugh at…to call me on my passive aggressive bulls– know how and when to hold me without asking…to always tell me I’m beautiful” Even when I am sick and swollen… To always hear your tune sing with all your heart… To be able to never dance with you without laughing at you… To always know that my home is wherever you are…” She He captioned a picture of the couple.

Stewart revealed earlier this month It is she and she Made in The founder’s fiancé is expecting a baby together in April.

“Of all the things that happened in 2022 you were by far the most beautiful…” she wrote on Instagram. Ultrasound video explanation. “We can’t wait to meet you…”

Robbie also shared a video of the happy moment when she learned she had given birth to a boy – news that was broken by her father, Rod, who read the baby’s sex from a stamped piece of paper.

In the clip, cheers erupt when Rod says “It’s a boy.” Ruby bit her mouth and laughed, then hugged Calek. Rod pumped his fist, shouting “Celtic Boy!” In honor of his favorite football team, Glasgow Celtic.

Then he started singing, “Another wink at the Stewart family.”

Robbie captioned the post, “Hiresirrodstewart to reveal your gender! He’ll even write a song dedicated to your unborn child.”

Robbie Stewart with Rod Stewart.
Robbie Stewart Instagram

Robbie capped off her engagement announcement by honoring her future husband.

Robbie Stewart Instagram

“Yes to this life…our love…because forever doesn’t seem like a long time if I spend it with you…,” she shared with an infinite emoji.

Robbie added a “special thanks” to Arrow and Anchor Antiques and Larry V Platt Boutique Jewelry “For creating this perfect, timeless piece,” she also thanked photographer Jessica Emerson.

“It was a custom-made ring in collaboration with her good friend Brooke Baxter @tweet“,” Platt Boutique Jewelry EXCLUSIVELY TELL PEOPLE.” An antique emerald-cut diamond of 3.52 carats set in 18k gold. ”

Rod Stewart and family.
Robbie Stewart Instagram

After news of her baby on the way, Robbie’s family congratulated the couple and shared sweet messages.

“So happy for you both,” Rod wrote.

step mother Penny Lancaster Weigh in writing, “I can’t wait to meet him.” Ex-stepmother Alanna Stewart posted, “How amazing! So happy for you” while Rachel Hunter, also ex-stepmother, wrote, “You’re going to be an amazing mom.”

“Dave has a Stuart nose,” joked half-sister Kimberly Stewart, while half-sister Renee added, “Love you guys!”

same day, Post a vacation family photoRod stood happily with sons Aidan, 11, and Alastair, 17, who he shares with Lancaster, as well as adult children Renee, 30, Robbie, 35, Sean, 42, and Kimberly, 43.

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Rudd became a grandfather for the first time in 2011, when his daughter Kimberly Stewart and actor Benicio Del Toro gave birth to their daughter Delilah, who is now 11 years old.

In 2021, the “Maggie” singer talked to People about how he is Learn how to adapt his parenting method to suit each child.

“I have to be a lot of different parents because of the different age groups of my children,” explained Rudd. “You really have to treat all of them as individuals with individual problems.”

The artist added, “For example, my 15-year-old is dating girls, so I had to give him a sex lesson. I just told him what he should and shouldn’t do, but he’s on top of that. He was like, ‘Daddy, I have Internet. I know everything.”

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