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We’re still looking for all the great paintings that took place over the weekend trictalex 2 Live fundraising event. The event ended with a rare appearance by Scott Bakula. the Star Trek: Enterprise The star doesn’t do a lot of Star Trek conventions or interviews, but he did appear with former co-star John Billingsley to support Hollywood Food Alliance. Bakula touched on some of the same issues as last week TrekMovie interview with Billingsleyand offered some hope that he would indeed return to the role of Jonathan Archer.

How do project It can last for 7 seasons

One of the issues Bakula discussed was how he sees projectCancellation after 4 seasons due to issues with UPN. He points to changes in the Viacom-owned network during the 2001-2005 era when project was on the air, confirming his belief that the show would have matched 7 seasons of the previous three Star Trek series if it had been distributed through syndication (as next generation And Nine depths of space):

If we were in solidarity, we would have got seven plain, plain breeze. And our numbers were way higher than anyone else’s when we started, but the nature of network television…was just a different animal. There have been a lot of changes in the hierarchy, not just at Paramount but at the network. We were there at an unfortunate time. However, I still have to say, gratefully, we have four seasons. But yeah, it would have been nice to do more. We definitely had more stories to tell, and places to go, but it just didn’t work out.

You can’t really point fingers at one person or another. There were a lot of elements to the beginning of UPN and moving there in terms of [UPN President] dean [Valentine] Leaving [in 2002]. And only the people at Paramount left. A lot of the heroes that were Star Trek during the four years left. It was a strange time and a turbulent time. But we made our way through it. And I’m so glad we got the four years because there was a moment when we only had three years and that would have been a real shame.

after one year project Canceled, UPN no longer exists. The network was merged with The WB to form The CW, a joint venture between CBS and Warner Brothers. Only a few former UPN shows have made the transition to The CW, with Veronica Mars being the only scripted drama to do so.

Scott Bakula with UPN President Dean Valentine at the UPN TCA Party in 2001 (Getty Images)

Scott Bakula with UPN President Dean Valentine at the UPN TCA Party in 2001 (Getty)

Open to return to flight

When asked if he would follow in the footsteps of Patrick Stewart and other veteran Star Trek actors to return to the role of Jonathan Archer, Bakula was open to the idea. The actor says that if he gets a call from executive producer Alex Kurtzman, he’ll be heard:

I’ve been doing this for way too long to say no or never to anyone. I talk to everyone about things. abslyotly sure.

He also noted that he’s open to pursuing other longtime actors in lending his voice to the Trek animated show:

I’ve done a bunch of voiceovers and animations, so I’m having fun with it. It just didn’t hit my desk. But I really appreciate being referred to as “legacy” rather than “old cruise”. this is so nice.

Bakula’s openness about returning to Trek may have come as a surprise to him project Co-starring John Billingsley, who last week TrekMovie said He didn’t see that happen, at least not on a regular basis. Bakula made big news last year when he He opted out of NBC’s reboot Quantum leapSo he has a history of saying no.

Speaking generally about how the Star Trek franchise continues to create new shows, Scott discussed why he continues to see the franchise as relevant:

The reason they remain relevant, unfortunately, is that we have most of the same problems still present on our planet. We didn’t make the jump to find out we’re all in this together… This is straight out of the Trek playbook. And we have to settle that on this planet first, and we’re very far from that, it seems, judging by how we live with each other. Therefore, these stories remain relevant and poignant. However, analyzed in all these different incarnations, they are valuable. I’ve always loved Trek because you smear it with space stuff, but then you get to sneak all the hard stuff right in the middle of it. It is a thing of beauty. still.

Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer in These Are The Voyages

Excited to see the new fan discovery project

The actor also said he’s happy to know that people are still finding out project Through the flow:

When we were in the midst of making the show and when we… finished our fourth season, we all talked about hoping the show would be more appreciated as time went on. Because I felt like we’d done something amazing in those four years, especially, in my opinion, in the last two and a half years — that kind of building through the Xindi element and the 9/11 component merging the minds of writers and minds and hearts. We were always optimistic, all of us. We’ve done a lot of good work and we hope to be appreciated over time. I am happy.

Bakula cited the show’s spirit of exploration as something he was particularly proud of:

I love that showmanship, which is what we’ve been striving for since the beginning. I liken it to the original show. And there was that positive — my character had that to get ahead and that Wild West kind of thing, but at the same time, let’s do something for humanity. Let’s get humanity out in a good way. Let’s try to work with others. He didn’t come out with a lot of chips on his shoulder about who to do or not to deal with. Once he got past Vulcan, I think he was free to sail. I was really, really happy with where we ended up on the show.

Season 1 project Publicity photos

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