Sebastian Bear McClard wants ‘Another Chance’ with Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski does not tolerate blurred lines.

It is said that the model and actress She broke up with her husbandSebastian Bear-McClard, 41, last month and was planning a divorce amid allegations that the independent film producer had cheated.

It seems that she is not in the mood to forgive and forget.

“Sebastian is begging her to give him another chance,” a source close to Ratajkowski told Page Six this week. “It’s not going to happen because she dug herself in and found out more of what he did behind her back.”

A Page Six source told Sebastian Bear McClard "begging" Wife of Emily Ratajkowski "To give him another chance" After it was reported that they separated due to cheating.
A source told Page Six that Sebastian Bear McClard is “begging” his wife, Emily Ratajkowski, to “give him another chance” after it was reported that they broke up over his infidelity.
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Ratajkowski, 31, sparked breakup rumors when she was Spotted without her wedding ring – while Bear McClard was still dressed.

While she hasn’t hired an attorney yet, Page Six was told that the “Blurred Lines” video model is planning to file for divorce.

And some friends are sad to see it end.

The couple have been married for four years - after dating for only two weeks.
The couple have been married for four years – after dating for only two weeks.

“What they had was really special. All of their friends loved seeing it in the papers and in the headlines,” said a New York City community source. “They were just beautiful, but of course, the most beautiful relationships have these ugly ends. I don’t know what the truth about Sebastian’s behavior is, and I’m not defending him, but I know they’re reeling. This sad.”

the couple Get married in an intimate ceremony City Hall In February 2018, they had been friends for a while but had only been dating for two weeks.

that they Welcome to Sylvester’s son In March 2021 after Vogue Video Advertising, directed by Lena Dunham, that Ratajkowski was pregnant. She said they did not want to know the gender of their child because it was up to the child to decide how to identify it.

Ratajkowski and Bear McClard share a son, Sylvester, 1.
Ratajkowski and Bear McClard share a son, Sylvester, 1.
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“We would like to respond that we will not know the sex until our child is 18 and they will tell us,” she wrote in an article on the Bible.

After his birth, she began to publicly refer to him as her “son.”

A community source thinks Ratajkowski and Per McClard were a totally odd couple.

“They are both different and they just got together and worked. Everyone was really excited about them, they got married really fast, but they made sense,” the community source added. “I guess people didn’t think Sebastian was good enough for Emily, but she got it [him]. She’s the absolute woman, he’s a great guy and they’re both really smart – Emily is really smart. She’s more than just a model and he’s more than just a movie producer.”

Model "Loved" The tweets discussed not only the split, but also the alleged cheating of her husband.
The model “liked” the tweets discussing not only the split, but her alleged infidelity as well.

Ratajkowski Best selling books of articles,”physicalPublished October 2021. Bear-McClard co-run production company Elara Pictures with Josh, Benny Safdie and Oscar Boyson. He was a producer on the 2019 movie Safdie starring Adam Sandler,”Uncut Gemstones. “

The couple come from creative families.

His father, Michael McClard, and his mother, Lisa Bier, are both artists in downtown New York. Ratajkowski’s father, Michael, is also an artist, while her mother, Kathleen Balgley, is a writer and lecturer. The model was born in London and raised in San Diego, California.

“Sebastian is an amazing guy, he’s one of the leaders of the downtown world where creatives can thrive,” said an insider. “He and Em were such a creative, smart, and different couple, which is why this was so difficult. They were such a strong pair in New York. I know they were surrounded by really special, devoted, wonderful friends in New York and Los Angeles.”

A source previously told Page Six that Bear-McClard is "A serial cheater... he's a dog."
A source previously told Page Six that Bear-McClard is “a serial cheater… he’s a dog.”
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But now these friends may have to choose sides.

“Yes, he cheated,” a source told Page Six last month. “He is a serial cheater. He is gross. He is a dog.”

Ratajkowski seemed to confirm the story by then ‘Like’ Tweets He discussed not only this split, but also the alleged cheating of her husband.

“Can’t believe the little bitch cheated on Imrata,” read one tweet that received support from Ratajkowski.

Now, she seems to be getting on with her life. On Tuesday, Ratajkowski announced that she had signed up to speak at Forbes Strong Women’s Summit In New York City next month.

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