Skull Session: Jaxon Smith-Njigba brother Hypes Him Up, Styles Family debut in Split Jersey, CJ Saunders Turns Heads

Guys, I have good news: college football will be played this month.

We did it.

Today’s word: Abandon.

The free agency has been cancelled. Looks like full college free football agency won’t happen after all – At least this year.

Multiple sources told The Athletic Saturday that it is increasingly unlikely the Division I board will vote to repeal the NCAA rule banning multiple transfers by athletes at its August 3 meeting. This means that the one-time transfer rule will still apply. The creation of the transfer windows may also be delayed.

I got to the point where it’s pretty stressful to be #serious about implementing all the notable changes that college football is going through these days, so I took a simpler approach.

Change the rules to whatever you like, just make sure I have a beer and a brat and a dollar in the fall on Saturdays and I’ll be a happy man. I am a simple man.

HYPE HIM UP. If you have a noisy guy anywhere near Jackson Smith’s brother Canaan, you’re clearly doing life right.

Kanaan, a professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates system, is already He put his little brother’s name in the goat category.

“Few people know what he (Jackson) will be doing this season,” Kanaan said. “It’s going to be crazy. Historic. He’s probably the greatest receiver ever after this season.”

You mean the greatest in Ohio?

“In college football – absolutely.”

This is a bold talk from the big league.

Jackson’s reaction? chuckle. a smile. But there is no denying.

“You know, he’s an older brother (he says that), but I feel like it’s a real talk.”

“He has that mentality that he will destroy anything,” Kanaan said. “He will make plays. His way is running, there is no one who can guard him face to face. That is just being honest and true.”

The best part about this honestly isn’t even Canaan doing his best for his brother, but Jaxon basically just agreeing that he’s about to prove he’s the greatest recipient ever.

I have long insisted that you simply cannot be a truly elite recipient without a level of absurd confidence that limits the arrogance of the average observer. So, I’m very happy to see that from JSN.

Now, let us see it, O king.

Guenadr in the slot. In stark contrast to a man who could realistically be the greatest receiver in Buckeye football history, we now turn to a man who has never started a game in Ohio State.

CJ Saunders came to Ohio State as a starter, turned receiver and appeared in just 15 games throughout his five-year career, playing mostly in trash time. After that, he had to miss the season he might have already played in, and was put out of football for another year due to an NCAA chicken.

All that, and now it definitely looks like it is He is set to be a major contributor to the NFL roster.

The Panthers have been looking for a reliable slot receiver since Curtis Samuel left via free agency in 2020. Early indications are that Saunders is heading to be the team’s No. 3 receiver at 11.

During the OTAs and junior camp, Saunders wowed in the hole, enough to earn a healthy dose of first-team reps and goals just three days into his first NFL training camp.

It’s fast. It’s fast. It opens. It opens all the OTAs. We need to put the patches on and see him create the same separation with the pads,” said Roll. That will be his challenge moving forward.”

“When it comes to third place. You need someone who can move the chains,” Rolle said. “CJ is someone I think everyone can trust.”

Good for CJ Dude has done nothing but work with just about everything against him, and now he has major coaches in the NFL drooling.

I don’t think Brian Hartline lacks stadium recruiting, but “You don’t even need to start a game here to become a regular in the NFL” is one he could add to his profile.

SPLIT JERSEY 2.0.0 Update The Styles family seems to be bringing the infamous split shirt back, because that’s clearly something we need to get back to.

My sweet friend Colton Denning made a very offensive proposal to make Laura Quinn’s split shirt from the Fiesta Bowl the cup for any Ohio State game against Notre Dame.

And I… couldn’t I be more on board? The only modification I would make to his suggestion is that the winning team’s mascot must be worn for the duration of the next match.

Make it happen, officials.

Today’s song. Dominc Fike “Phone Numbers”.

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