Steve Curry, defense leads the Warriors after Cavs

We’ve been waiting for weeks Golden State Warriors To start playing the defensive type they rode in the tournament just a few months ago. And on Friday against Cleveland Cavaliers Arguably the best team in the NBA during the first month of the season – the defense finally showed itself in a good way.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Cavs brought their elite defense to the Bay Area. It became very clear from the start of the match that we were close.

After threesomes by the Splash Brothers on the opening property, the game has turned into a grind fest…not in the ugly way, but in a super quality way. It felt like a playoff basketball.

The Warriors shifted things to the seat halfway through the first, and you held your breath. They’ve been really bad lately. But they kept the defensive team close to finishing the first quarter. Their attack slowed to a stark halt, but the energy was there, and they kept the Cleveland attack in check, leading to a 25-25 equalizer 12 minutes later.

That became critical in the second quarter when Steve Curry got into bad trouble. Seat – who got a boost of energy from The return of Donte DiVincenzo – He was up to the task of pressing the fort. Despite Curry’s spoiled woes, the Warriors trailed by just four points in the first half, Jordan Bull finding his rhythm with some huge shots.

Then came the third quarter, and with it flashbacks to the awful first weeks of the season. After briefly taking the lead, the Warriors offense turned so cold that Cleveland went 14-0 in the round to take an 11-point lead. But a few massive shots from Curry ignited the attack, and the Warriors finished third on their own, only falling three times to enter fourth.

Once again, the Warriors relied on the bench, namely Paul, Da Vincenzo and Anthony Lamb, who played very well. They kept Dubs in the game so Curry and the rookies could come back, after which they blessed us with the greatest thing in the sport: Curry Flurry.

Steve went completely ballistic in the fourth quarter. He did it three times. Make the transition three times. He did that unspeakable magic about edge things. He made passes that made you scratch your head in a good way.

And he swung the game in sequence. With less than a minute and a half remaining, Curry moved three to tie the match.

Then, after a defensive stance and a superb pass from Kevon Looney, Curry dumped the luminous ball into the transition with less than a minute left.

Garrett Allen pulled Cleveland’s free throw in one spot, and then Curry—in my opinion the greatest two-to-one player in NBA history—drew three, hitting them all night.

The fourth quarter wasn’t easy, with Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland bidding for Cleveland, Cleveland reminding everyone why Allen and Evan Mobley’s lineup is so intimidating, and the referees have one of the weakest whistles in recent memory. .

But they hit on their collective defensive tongue and Curry – despite missing two late free throws – lost 18 points in the quarter to put the team on his back again.

In doing so, the Warriors won 106-101 and, miraculously, achieved their first winning streak of the season.

Curry finished with 40 points at 16 for 23, including 6 for 11 from distance, as he continues to emerge as the NBA’s best player to start the year. Andrew Wiggins has a highly efficient 20-point shot in 8 for 13, with an excellent defense. Draymond Green’s defense was his best all year, scoring the type of base streak he’s known for: 2 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists.

Paul had one of his best games of the year and it was great to see, with 18 points on a 6-13 shootout, Klay Thompson, while struggling again to score, played a very solid defense over Mitchell.

On the bench unit, Jonathan Cominga had his first quarter-minute and didn’t play again after his initial four-minute stretch. James Wiseman, Moses Moody, and Jamical Green were all DNPs.

The Warriors leave on Saturday before visiting the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.

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