Summer of Gaming 2022 schedule: How to watch and what to expect

Summer of Gaming is back here at IGN to bring you more exciting game announcements, gameplay announcements, and trailers throughout the month of June. This year our event will include Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, Xbox, Bethesda Showcase and our very own IGN Expo with exclusive game shows, interviews with developers and more. Below you’ll find all the details you need to know to watch the action live, so keep scrolling!

Summer Games 2022

Summer Games 2022

When does the summer of games 2022 begin?

Summer of Gaming starts on June 1with the Warhammer Skulls Showcase, and there will be many other events throughout June to tune into.

Summer 2022 schedule

Summer of Gaming’s current listing is below, but it’s constantly updated with new information and times, so check back for updates!

Wednesday 1 June

  • Warhammer Skulls Showcase 2022

Monday 6 June

  • Netflix Geeked Week One (Series)

Tuesday 7 June

  • Netflix Geeked Week Today 2 (movie)

Wednesday 8 June

  • Black noises in games
  • Netflix Geeked Week Day 3 (animated)

Thursday 9th June

  • summer fest game
  • Download VR Showcase
  • Netflix Week 4 (Stranger Things)

Friday 10 June

  • IGN . Gallery
  • Netflix Geeked Week 5 (Games)
  • Tribeca Games Spotlight
  • Freedom Games Expo 2022

Saturday 11 June

  • Guerrilla group exhibition
  • Live useful games
  • The future of live gaming
  • NetEase Games Live Streaming

Sunday 12th June

  • Xbox and Bethesda Gallery
  • Show computer games

How to watch Summer of Gaming 2022

Here is a list of places to watch IGN’s Summer of Gaming event:

What do you expect in Summer Games 2022

Here you can find out what’s confirmed at Summer of Gaming and what to expect from every live stream, from exclusives to community chats.

Warhammer Skulls Live Stream + Post Show

June 1

Warhammer Skulls brings you world premieres, first looks, latest updates, and promotions across the Warhammer video game collection. Be sure to tune in to IGN’s post-show as Max Scoville and Warhammer fan Bricky will unpack all the announcements that have been revealed on Warhammer Skulls.

Netflix Geeks Week

6 – 10 June

Netflix Geeked Week returns again in 2022 and will take place from June 6 to June 10. Throughout the five-day virtual fan event, Netflix will offer revealing and exciting updates on The Sandman, The Umbrella Academy, Manifest, The Gray Man, Alice in Borderland, Day Shift, Resident Evil, The Sea Beast and, for the first time ever, Netflix exclusive games.

The entire week will see cast performances, talent debuts, trailers, surprises, and more from over 60 projects on Netflix. The complete schedule for the week of Netflix Geeked is as follows;

  • Monday 6 June (Day 1) – Series
  • Tuesday 7 June (Day Two) – Movie
  • Wednesday, June 8 (day three) – Animation
  • Thursday, June 9 (fourth day) – Weird things
  • Friday June 10 (Day 5) – Games

Black noises in games

June 8
Highlighting the Black Voices in the gaming industry, Black Voice in Gaming is dedicated exclusively to presenting games created by Black developers, titles featuring Black champions, and conversations with these creators.

summer fest game

June 9

Geoff Keighley and his Summer Games Festival returns June 9 for a “live across the industry” event that will feature game announcements, a reveal and a Day of the Devs indie game show. While the event will be streamed live online, it will also be shown in select IMAX theaters in North America. ICYMI: Everything announced at Sumer Game Fest 2021

Download VR Showcase

June 9

The Upload VR Showcase will take place again in early June to reveal new VR titles and share updates on some of the most anticipated VR games across a variety of headsets. This will be the fourth and seventh summer show overall for Upload VR, and the last event in December 2021 featured games like Cities: VR, Vertigo 2, and Moss Book 2.

IGN . Gallery

June 10

The 2022 IGN Expo will take place on June 10 and will feature new announcements, never-before-seen gameplay and exclusive game reveal. Last year, it included some of the biggest stories from IGN Expo Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, World War Z Aftermath, and the unveiling of a new studio from the creator of Call of Duty Zombies in partnership with PlayStation. This year, we look forward to building on that foundation and taking it to the next level.

Tribeca Games Spotlight

June 10

The Tribeca Festival 2022 will celebrate its 21st year in 2022 and will run from June 8 to June 19. worlds. In 2022, the official games selected by the Tribeca Festival are American Arcadia, As Dusk Falls, The Cub, Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course, Immortality, OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Thirsty Suitors and Venba.

On June 10, there will be an online show featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews from the creators of these games. Furthermore, those interested can access the digital offerings of these games via Purchase a Tribeca At Home Games Pass or purchase a ticket to visit the Tribeca Games Gallery June 11-19 in New York City.

Freedom Games Expo 2022

June 10

On June 10 in partnership with Freedom Games, IGN is hosting the Freedom Games Showcase that showcases the publisher’s lineup of upcoming games. The event will include game reveal, release date announcements, interviews with developers, surprises for fans, and updates to some of the most exciting indie games on the horizon.

Guerrilla group exhibition

June 11

The third Guerrilla Collective Show is set for June 11 and is a digital show that will reveal “new ads, trailers, gameplay, Steam event page for Wishlist, demos, order games, and more” from developers and publishers around the world. Last year’s Guerrilla Collective led games like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Omni, Endling, Kitsune Tails, Loot River and RAWMEN: Food Fighting Arena.

Live useful games

June 11

Wholesome Games Direct will immediately follow the Guerrilla Collective Showcase and will also introduce new game demos and exclusive footage along with “Games Launching During Show!” This year’s show will feature “nearly 100 amazing indie games in total,” including Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley, PuffPals: Island Skies, Terra Nil, SCHiM, and Mail Time.

The future of live gaming

June 11

The Toonami-inspired Future of Play Direct arrives on June 11 and looks packed with new game announcements, trailers, music shows, special guests, and more. VTuber Meilos will return to host the pre-match show with some ‘Very Special Guests’. The Future of Live Play in June 2021 featured games like Virtuoso Neomedia, Sephonie, Love Show, Hellbent, and more.

NetEase Games Live Streaming

June 11

In partnership with NetEase Games, IGN is producing a live demo of the currently unannounced New Weird Sandbox Survival Game. Tune in on June 11 to find out more.

Xbox and Bethesda Gallery

June 12

Although there is no official E3, Microsoft will continue to make June a month to remember with its Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. While not revealing much regarding what we can expect from the show, Microsoft promises that this will provide “everything you need to know about the diverse array of games soon to be released on the Xbox ecosystem, including upcoming releases of Game Pass on Xbox.” and a personal computer.”

Despite the recent delays, many will no doubt hope to see more of Starfield and Redfall’s work in Bethesda. There will also be hope for a fresh look at Fable, Perfect Dark, Forza Motorsport, Avowed, Indiana Jones, Hellblade 2, The Outer Worlds 2, Everwild, State of Decay 3, and games from third-party partners. , and what its future Xbox Game Pass holds.

Show computer games

June 12

The PC Game Show will return in 2022 and will feature “never before seen gameplay footage, unlock exciting conversations with developers, and share announcements from around the world of PC gaming.” Hosted by Shawn Day[9] Plott and Mica Burton, this year’s PC Game Show will feature over 45 games, including Arma 4, Sam Barlow’s Immortality, Mod Project Half-Life: Alyx – Levitation, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2, Victoria 3. Klei Entertainment, 11- Bit Studios will also feature new titles.

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