Survey shows people are willing to buy Pixel 6 over Pixel 6a

Google IO 2022 pixel 6a pricing

Google has unveiled a file Pixel 6 A Last week at the I/O developer conference, it presented a mid-range phone powered by the same Tensor processor seen in Pixel 6 series. Between that level of horsepower, a solid battery size, Google software and an IP67 rating, there’s a lot to like here.

However, our own Rob Triggs wrote an opinion post indicating that the The Pixel 6a was still somewhat expensive Priced at $449. It comes in at $150 cheaper than the standard Pixel 6, so we asked you if you’d buy a Pixel 6a or spend a little more money on a vanilla Pixel 6. Here’s how you voted.

Would you buy a Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6a?


We published the poll inside our article on May 14, and it has attracted just over 1,000 votes as of writing. The winning choice? Well, 58.68% of the respondents said they would buy a Pixel 6 over a Pixel 6a.

Reader comments that support this position suggest that the Pixel 6 has a higher refresh rate display, more RAM (8GB vs. 6GB), and Gorilla Glass Victus. One comment also points to the Pixel 6a’s price hike in several markets outside the US. Insert a 50MP main camera, wireless charging and 18W charging and we can see why you should prefer the Pixel 6.

On the other hand, 41.32% of surveyed readers said they would buy the Pixel 6a over the Pixel 6. At least one comment indicates that the cheaper $150 price tag outweighs the Pixel 6’s missing features like the 90Hz screen. After all, you’re still getting five years of security updates here, three OS updates, a polished camera experience, and software features exclusive to Pixel.


  • Phoenixsuite: It doesn’t bother competing with its own model range. When you put it against other OEM offerings in the same price bracket, the 6a is a tough sell.
  • deltatux: I think this phone is aimed at those who would rather save $150 (the gap is wider in other markets) rather than spend it on features they may or may not care about. Not everyone cares about high refresh rate screens or a super stellar camera, they just want a good performing phone with a good camera at a great price and 6a that fits the bill. Not everyone will find that spending an extra $150 makes sense. If I hadn’t cared about a better camera, I would have waited 6a instead of getting 6TB in a normal hour.
  • 1981: Years change and prices go up. Nothing can stay cheap forever. Still a good price. We really need to worry about going forward with rising food and fuel costs. If this phone was the flagship of 2017, it would be $799 at the time.
  • stupid: USD449 is still not that bad when you look at the prices of SGD and AUD. Even when inclusive of local taxes, the increase on currency conversion makes 6a a non-starter. It gets worse when 4a was a lot cheaper even after converting two years ago (comparing 4a with 6a rates here since 5a was only available in US and Japan gin).
  • Kira: No, but the Pixel 6 is a bit cheaper, so the Pixel 6a seems to be a bit pricey.
  • Robert PearsonThe $349 Pixel 4a was the perfect price. Kinda sad to see such an increase, but understand based on the features.
  • Brian Simmons: Ultimately, I think we’ll see the street price of the P6a drop to $399 within 3 months of release like most previous “expensive” Pixel phones. Historically, Google has priced the Pixel a bit on the high side and then had to drop its price after the initial raise went through. Usually the “A” series phones are the ones that have been priced right from the start and feature phones have been very expensive, but Google switched that around this year. The P6/P6 Pro was immune to the “normal” price break because it was priced right from the start, but I think we’ll see it on the P6a.
  • 🇦🇺 Marshall: Hmm, 60Hz display, GG3, 18w Charging… You can definitely see where the corners have been cut to squeeze the Tensor there. This phone’s launch prices bring it dangerously close to the Galaxy A73 5G… which certainly does great with the SD778G, but it’s a much more balanced device across the spec sheet.

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