Amazon Alexa wants to put your child to bed with generative AI storytelling

Amazon Alexa Create With Alexa uses conversational and generative AI to create unique stories after users choose a theme, personality, descriptive word, and color. Liu Zhou / Amazon While the researchers praise Amazon’s assurances to ensure the technology is safe for children, some experts worry that generative AI could lead children to believe these algorithms … Read more

Michael Breed: 4 Basic Mistakes I See Bad Speculators Make – And How To Fix Them | instructions

as such Senior Digital Instructor at Golf Digest and Sixteenth place teacher in AmericaMichael Breed has seen it all. It is all as in all kinds of problems golfers have been looking for solutions to for decades. Which is why, as I was preparing to spend my golf off-season here in the Northeast to upgrade … Read more

This group has gone on the same golf trip for 50 years, and you won’t believe all the records they’ve kept | Courses

To say that this group of a few dozen from southeastern Pennsylvania is organized would be an understatement. Some of us struggle to remember our score from a few holes ago, but the Keystone State kids can tell you what they made every hole at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club…in 1974…or 1988…or 1997. Hell, … Read more

PGA Tour app, website gets overhaul ahead of 2023 season | Golf news and tour information

Regular fans asked. Diehard fans asked. Gamblers (heavy-duty fans) asked. He even asked the PGA Tour players. And they listened. PGA Tour app and It was completely rebuilt before 2023, with new and improved versions due to be revealed in the coming weeks. This news is sure to be well received by golf enthusiasts … Read more

Why is there more to intelligence than intelligence?

The graphs of IQ scores appear to form a “normal distribution”, shaped like a bell centered around an average score of 100 points, which means there are many above average people as shown below, and IQs at both ends are incredibly rare . Terman stated in an article on the subject that “there is nothing … Read more