Dave Brown Batabian Little: “Exercise really saved my life, because I really hated my life at one point”

“If people ask me how I feel, I’m always honest,” says Dave Letely. The attached photo South Auckland Community Leader Dave Letely, aka Brown Buttabean, is a life coach, motivational speaker, and founder of BBM. He has lost over 100 kg through good nutrition and exercise and now dedicates his time to helping communities suffering … Read more

Dr.. Patricia Grayhall “Making the Tours” :: Bay Area Reporter

Beginning with her first memories of trying to fit in, Making the Rounds: Challenging the Rules in Love and Medicine is an interesting memoir and Greyhall’s first book. Like many gay people from stifling conservative places, Patricia Grayhall fled her hometown of Phoenix when she was 19 to find freedom in San Francisco. Determined to … Read more