Use your iPhone to avoid making promises you can’t keep

Natalia Verza in Paris. Do you check her calendar to make sure she’s not making a promise … [+] Not ready to hold? Getty Images as such apple It rolls out its latest iPhone, and here’s a new way to use your current device (Apple or not) to be more ethical. Let’s focus on how … Read more

Apple apps track you even with privacy protections in: Report

picture: Greg Baker / Contributor (Getty Images) For all the Apple talk about how private your iPhone is, the company dumps a lot of data about you. iPhones have a privacy setting that should turn off this tracking. According to a new report from independent researchers, though, Apple collects very detailed information about you through … Read more

Fix Wi-Fi and Internet Connection Problems in macOS Ventura

Some users are reporting wi-fi connection issues and other internet connection issues after updating to macOS Ventura 13. Issues can range from slow wi-fi connections, reconnecting, wi-fi randomly disconnecting, wi-fi not working at all, or Internet connection not working after updating your Mac to macOS Ventura. Network connectivity issues seem to pop up for some … Read more