COP27 may allow greenwashing in carbon offsets

Carbon credits derived from forest conservation, among other measures, will soon be available to companies through a market monitored by the United Nations.picture: Bruno Kelly (Reuters) As the COP27 conference in Egypt draws to a close, there are many important issues – including “Loss and Damage” financing, How countries should report on progress in reducing … Read more

Astrophysicists say neutron stars are essentially giant cosmic pralines

Illustration showing the inner workings of heavier (left) and lighter (right) neutron stars, visualized as candy.Clarification: Peter Kiefer and Luciano Rizzola Astrophysicists modeling the interiors of neutron stars have found that highly compact objects have different internal structures, depending on its mass. that they Suggest Thinking of the stars As different types of chocolate fudge … Read more