A new report reveals more than 400 different names for sugar hiding on food labels

Consumers may be unknowingly consuming more sugar than intended, and more than 400 different names for added sugars are found on the labels of packaged foods. According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, the average adult’s daily intake of sugar should be around 50g, or 12 teaspoons, per day. However, the annual FoodSwitch Report: State of … Read more

Duke Blue Devils, season preview, Therese Proctor, background, draft, analysis

Like Dyson Daniels’ latest NBA producer in Australia, Tyrese Proctor is already way ahead of schedule. The five-star goalkeeper was also initially supposed to spend another year at the NBA World Academy in Canberra, which has already produced Daniels and Josh Gedi. Proctor is now striving to be the latest Australian graduate to be inducted … Read more