How to borrow money from a friend without spoiling the relationship

picture: Olinka (stock struggle) Times are tough. If you are in finance jam, You are He might consider approaching a family member or trusted friend to ask for it Borrow some money to help you get it back on your feet. Or maybe your younger brother asks you for a loan to move them to … Read more

Here’s Why Not Claiming Social Security Benefits at 62 | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Keith Spetses) One of the most important retirement decisions you’ll ever make can be summed up in the titles of two classic rock songs. In 1976, Steve Miller’s band was a huge success Take the money and run. Eight years later, Van Halen scored with I will wait. Many Americans choose to take the money … Read more

Venture capital: How far will Big Chill hit New Zealand?

Investors funding start-ups are making heads turn in the US and Australia, devaluing existing holdings amid rising interest rates, recession fears and a plunge in tech stocks in public markets. Industry players say New Zealand may not be hit hard, though, given that investors here have been more conservative and bought at cheaper levels. In … Read more