Stocks drop, Chinese yuan tops 7.2 against the dollar

CNBC Pro: Credit Suisse says it’s time to buy two green hydrogen stocks — and gives one more than 200% upside Credit Suisse says it’s time to enter the green hydrogen sector, with a number of catalysts set to drive the clean power plant. “Green hydrogen is a growth market – we increase the market … Read more

Top Wall Street analysts say buy Caterpillar and Salesforce

Jim Umpelby, CEO of Caterpillar Inc. Adam Jeffrey | CNBC This year has been a tough year indeed, and 2023 doesn’t look much better, with the Federal Reserve forecasting economic growth of just 1.2%. Given this harsh outlook, investors will have to choose where their money will work carefully. To pick the right stocks, staying … Read more

European markets open to close, Bank of England and Swiss central bank interest rate decisions

US stocks opened mixed US stocks opened mixed Thursday after the Federal Reserve’s decision on Wednesday to implement it The third consecutive rise in the interest rate of 0.75%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 were hovering around the flat line in early trades, while the Nasdaq was down 0.2%. Karen Gilchrist … Read more

European stocks open to close; Markets brace for more Fed rate action

US stocks open higher US stocks opened higher with investors Looking forward to an announcement of a possible rate hike from the Federal Reserve later on Wednesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.3% in early trade, while the S&P 500 gained 0.4%. The Nasdaq also rose 0.2% in early trading. Karen Gilchrist Stocks on … Read more

European markets open for closing, earnings, data and news

Fortum shares soar 9.5% ahead of Uniper deal Fortum Shares rose 9.5% in afternoon trading on Tuesday on news that the German government was closing a deal to nationalize the gas giant. Uniper. Germany is considering buying Finnish energy company Fortum’s controlling stake in Uniper, details are expected to be announced on Wednesday. Karen Gilchrist … Read more

European markets open their doors to close inflation data, earnings and US news

US stocks open lower Nasdaq drops 2.7% US stocks opened lower on Tuesday after the release of warmer-than-expected inflation data. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 1.6% in early morning trade, the S&P 500 is down 2% and the Nasdaq is down 2.7%. Karen Gilchrist US stock futures fell sharply after the hot inflation … Read more

European markets open for closing, data, earnings and news

Stocks on the go: Verbund stock up 12%, Ubisoft stock down 16% Austrian Electric Company Verbond It jumped 12% late in the morning, sending a broad rally in European utilities shares as the market anticipated possible shifts in regulation to counter the continent’s deepening energy crisis. At the bottom of the Stoxx 600, the French … Read more