A less risky path to entrepreneurial success

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. by: Davis Smith And the Trenton Smith Most startups fail. According to the 2019 Startup Genome Report, 92% of startups fail. Surprisingly, only 4% of companies in the United States exceed $1 million in annual revenue, and only 0.6% reach $10 million in revenue, to me US Census Bureau. … Read more

Entrepreneurship used to be a form of franchising. This is changing – but not fast enough

After, after Decades of Declining EntrepreneurshipAnd the Record numbers from Americans They would form their own businesses and go into business for themselves. Thanks to the major resignation and the soaring economy, 360 in every 100,000 American adults They became new entrepreneurs every month on average in 2021. new immigrantsAnd the black And the Hispanic … Read more

7 signs that you are ready to be an entrepreneur

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. I recently got a call with one of my best friends who had just moved in London To work in a large multinational public company. She is talented, successful and hard working. However, she called me full of tears, worry, and anger. “They’re restructuring the company; they’re cutting positions. … Read more

5 Lessons I Learned From Starting A Company In 19 Years

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. I had no intention of creating my own software company. I was kind of forced to. You see, a few years ago, I was a full-time YouTuber. Everything was fine until my channel became a demon. This means I was making $0 from ads placed on my videos. … Read more