A study finds that weight training and aerobic exercise reduce the risk of premature death

Editor’s note: Subscribe to CNN’s But Better Fitness newsletter series. Our seven-part guide will help you relax into a healthy routine, backed by experts. CNN – Aerobic activities and weight training have health benefits in and of themselves, but combining them can have an even greater impact when it comes to preventing disease and the … Read more

How to help your teen get moving

Editor’s note: Before starting any new exercise program, check with your doctor. Stop immediately if you feel pain. CNN – It’s no secret that exercise is important to your health, whatever your age. It is tempting to assume that children have no problem staying active. After all, there’s a sports class at school, a kids’ … Read more

Why doesn’t calorie counting work?

picture: Evan Lorne (stock struggle) The hard, waxy outer crust of SnackWell’s Devil’s Food Cookie Cake is something I can remember with all five senses: the sound of it as I patted my nails against its hard outer surface, the smell when I broke it, the spongy quality of having crumbs under my fingers and … Read more