Within the United States, one scrambles to blur the facts as the Russia-Ukraine war spills over into NATO territory

Washington CNN – President Joe Biden was sleeping on the other side of the world when aides woke him up in the middle of the night with breaking news: A missile hit Poland Two people were killed. By 5:30 a.m. local time in Bali, where he was Chief Attending the G20 summitBiden, still in a … Read more

The Environmental Protection Agency proposes a long-term presence in Jackson due to the water crisis

CNN – The US Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to propose a long-term presence on the ground in Jackson, Mississippi, to help fix decades-old problems with its drinking. A source familiar with the matter told CNN Tuesday. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Reagan Jackson visited Tuesday in the wake of ongoing negotiations with city and … Read more

Former NBA Champion Changes ‘How He Builds the World’ to Fight Climate Crisis

London CNN Business – Three years ago, a hurricane Destroyed The Bahamas, claimed dozens of lives. Today, the country is building what it claims to be the first in the world carbon negative Residential community to reduce future potential climatic disasters To alleviate the housing shortage caused by the storm. Rick Fox, a former Los … Read more

COP27: What is “Loss and Damage”, the main issue of the Climate Summit

CNN – Aftab Khan felt helpless when the torrential rains submerged one third of Pakistanhis homeland. Khan’s hometown was completely underwater. His friend saved a woman walking barefoot, carrying her sick child, through stagnant flood waters for 15 miles. Khan’s mother, who now lives with him in Islamabad, was unable to return home on washed … Read more

Experts say permanent daylight saving time will harm our health

Editor’s note: Subscribe to CNN’s Sleep, But Better newsletter. Our seven-part guide contains helpful tips for better sleep. CNN – The end of daylight saving time is upon us again, an autumnal tradition when the United States, Europe, most of Canada, and a number of other countries move their clocks back an hour in a … Read more