Why China is likely to recover more slowly from the latest COVID shock

As Shanghai tries to reopen businesses, the downtown area over the weekend prevented residents from leaving their apartment complexes again for mass virus testing. Pictured here, in another area on May 21, 2022, there is a line outside a mall. What is Kikia | China Optical Group | Getty Images BEIJING – Many economists predict … Read more

Former SEC chief economist says recession ‘likely’

By almost all accounts, US economy Amazing recovery after Corona virus pandemic Spur nationwide mass shutdowns and layoffs. The job market has added millions of Careers And wages It has risen significantly, even among low-wage jobs. but the height economic inflation and rising fast interest rates It made most Americans worried that the good times … Read more

The economist says the US economy is “nowhere close to stagnation this year”

With turmoil in the markets, high inflation and impending hikes in interest rates that will make borrowing money more expensive, many Americans are wondering if the economy is headed into a recession. Goldman Sachs President Lloyd Blankfein He said last weekend It is “definitely a very, very big risk factor”, and consumers should be “prepared … Read more

Dow Jones drops more than 1,200 points as stocks hit today’s lows 30 minutes before close

The Dow Jones Industrial Average headed for its biggest loss since 2020 on Wednesday after another major retailer warned of rising cost pressures, underlining investors’ worst fears about rising inflation and a revival of brutal sell-offs in 2022. The Dow Jones lost 1,255 points, or 3.8%, or the biggest average drop since October 2020. The … Read more