Is the economy headed for a soft landing, inflation or collapse?

font size Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell should tread with caution as the Fed deals with today’s economic conditions. Wayne McNamee / Getty Images About the author: leslie lipschitzD., a former director of the International Monetary Fund Institute, has taught at Johns Hopkins University and Bowdoin College, was a visiting scholar at the Brookings Institution, … Read more

Sit down the next few months, these analysts say. Recession is inevitable.

font size American flags outside the New York Stock Exchange in New York. Michael Nagel/Bloomberg The Standard & Poor’s 500 It came close to ending Friday’s session in a bear market, which quickly intensified the debate over whether or not the market took place. bottomor if it is just preparing to hibernate as recession fears … Read more

Opinion: “I feel like I’m relive the summer of 2008.” Strategist David Rosenberg sees a bear market sinking the S&P 500 to 3300

The US stock and bond markets are finally starting to catch up with our views. We’ve always thought the last couple of years represented a fake bull market built on sand, not concrete. And frankly, we also remain steadfast in the opinion that Inflation scare will pass soon The bull market is extrapolated and hyperbolised … Read more

With “worthless” in cryptocurrency, ECB Lagarde renews calls for regulation

font size Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (Photo by DANIEL ROLAND/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde reiterated her concerns about cryptocurrencies and her desire for regulation. “My very humble estimate is that it is nothing, is nothing, and there are no fundamental assets to act as a safety … Read more

Consumers are not doing well. Why is April retail sales misleading?

Walmart’s sales jumped in the first quarter of last year, but steady transaction numbers suggest inflation led the gains. Here, Walmart in San Leandro, California, last year. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg font size The latest retail sales report dented recession fears. should not be. When data showed that April sales for US retailers rose 0.9% from … Read more

Opinion: The United States is not on its way to a recession. It will not be consumed by inflationary fires.

“Some say the world will end in fire,” famous Robert Frost says. “And some say in the ice.” If poetry can explain the stock market, it may come as close as it comes to capturing the jittery mood that is about to hit the seventh straight week of losses in the stock market. With half … Read more

Experts say a profit stagnation is growing. Hide the money.

If there is one person who is not shocked by the colossal errors in Big Retailer Results Last week, it was our friend Stephanie Bomboy who heads up the corporate economic consultancy MacroMavens. Although she has been dealing with a (happily) mild case of Covid-19, she is still severe and stinging, as she always has … Read more