Opinion: What comes next for Brittney Griner should be up to her

Editor’s note: Amy Bass (@ bassab1) is Professor of Mathematical Studies at Manhattanville College and authorOne goal: a coach, a team, and the game that divided the city together” And the “Not Victory, but Struggle: The 1968 Olympics and the Making of the Black Athlete,” among other titles. The opinions expressed herein are her own … Read more

Urban rebuilding is bringing wildlife into the heart of cities

CNN – Visions of the urban future tend to revolve around miles-tall skyscrapers, flying cars and high-tech solutions to sustainability challenges. But another vision predicts a return to the wilderness upon which cities were once built, complete with forests and wild animals long lost. This vision is beginning to materialize in major cities around the … Read more

Argentina v Netherlands: ‘aging genius’ Lionel Messi seeks to inspire La Celeste

CNN – Lionel Messi Argentina is three games away from winning world Cupbut against Holland They will face the toughest test of the tournament yet. Friday Quarter final In Lusail Stadium compelling match, not least because of the World Cup history between the two teams. They last met in the semi-finals eight years ago – … Read more

Putin admits that Russia’s war in Ukraine could be long

The threat of nuclear weapons escalated, but “we didn’t go crazy” – Putin Report: Russia fired more than 1,000 times at Ukraine’s power grid 10 killed in Russian bombing of eastern Ukraine – Zelinsky LONDON/Kyiv (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged his military may fight in Ukraine for a long time, but said … Read more

The European Union has approved a law banning the import of goods linked to deforestation

BRUSSELS/SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The European Union on Tuesday approved a new law to prevent companies from selling coffee, beef, soybeans and other commodities linked to worldwide deforestation on EU markets. The law would require companies to issue a due diligence statement showing their supply chains are not contributing to forest destruction before selling goods … Read more

Ukraine seems to be showing its ability to strike deep into Russia

It was reported that a third Russian airport was hit by a drone strike Ukrainian Zelensky meets troops near the Eastern Front Oil price ceiling gives G7 leverage over Russia – US official US lawmakers approve an additional $800 million to defend Ukraine (Reuters) – A third Russian air base was set ablaze by a … Read more

Russia claims Kyiv bombed its air bases, firing more missiles

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — The Kremlin said Monday that Ukrainian drones struck two air bases deep in Russian territory, shortly before Russian forces launched a massive missile attack in Ukraine that hit homes and buildings and killed civilians. The unprecedented attack in Russia threatened a major escalation in the nine-month-old war because it hit an … Read more

Emergency call services and telecom companies urge the EU to protect telecom networks from power outages

MILAN/STOCKHOLM/PARIS (Reuters) – Europe’s top telecoms companies and an emergency services lobby on Monday urged Brussels to protect mobile and fixed-line networks from power outages, a letter seen by Reuters showed, as fears grew about the loss of communications. networks during widespread power outages. Europe is facing potential power rationing and blackouts in the aftermath … Read more

The G7 begins to put pressure on Russia over Ukraine by capping oil prices

Russia says it will not export oil subject to the cap Zelensky says the price cap will do little to deter Russia Ukrainian regions resort to scheduled power outages Ukrainian forces occupy positions along the Zelensky front line Russia says the forces are carrying out successful operations in Bakhmut Kyiv (Reuters) – A cap on … Read more

The US Embassy is the latest target in a series of mined letters in Spain

The first explosive device was sent to the Prime Minister’s Office on November 24 Five similar booby-trapped messages were received on Wednesday and Thursday An official of the Ukrainian Embassy was slightly wounded in the explosion of one explosive device Another device was found at the US Embassy in Madrid It also targeted the Ministry … Read more