One experiment explores whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers

A new documentary has revealed the groundbreaking findings of a unique experiment exploring whether exercise can sharpen the brilliant minds of competitive gamers. The Prime Video documentary, Mind Games: The Experiment, saw a number of high-profile gamers work fitness into their training regimes for four months. Among those featured in the film are Danish international … Read more

Personal Trainer: These are the signs that your metabolism is sluggish and the quick ways you can boost it

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Aldi’s Special Buys Fitness Collection will launch on January 28th in Australia

Aldi launches massive health and fitness discounts starting at just $5 – complete with popular portable blender, weights and electric lunchbox Aldi has wowed fitness fans with its latest budget special buy The 23-piece set includes everything from weight sets to a portable blender The fitness line hits stores January 28th, starting at $5 By … Read more

An angry discussion erupted online about BACON packaging

Netizens got into a huge debate about bacon packaging after one woman called it the “worst thing ever” because it couldn’t be released prompting other bacon lovers to chime in and express their outrage. Kat Thomasfrom Los Angeles, California, said what everyone had been thinking for years when she filed a complaint against the packaging … Read more

Dr. Michael Moseley’s Quick Way to Lose Weight: Delicious TURBO Weight Loss Snacks

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Influencer Reveals The Secrets Of The Toxic Fitness Industry – How Many People Have You Fall For?

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PT reveals why you should eat a whole carrot and cucumber every day to stay healthy and lose weight

The physical education teacher and mother of two has urged “everyone on Earth” to eat a whole carrot and two cucumbers every day this year if they want to improve their health. Belinda Norton, from the Gold Coast, said adults and children alike should eat the three vegetables raw every day to provide the body … Read more

Fitness instructor Sally O’Neill shares with women not eating enough protein at breakfast and how to increase their intake

The fitness guru shares what nutrients four in five Australian women don’t get enough of at breakfast – and how to boost your intake now. Four out of five women lack protein, said fitness instructor Sally O’Neill, from Sydney Of her clients, she said, 80 percent don’t get enough at breakfast time To keep cravings … Read more