Are they real and can genetics play a role?

Over 600 million cases worldwide: COVID-19 has changed the world. Although there are still those who dodged it. Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly half of the population has never contracted the virus and some scientists are working to find out why. At the University of California San Francisco and Rockefeller University in New … Read more

Study says access to genetic testing in Europe for hemophilia needs to be improved

Improved hemophilia care requires rapid, accurate and high-quality genetic testing, but access to these tests varies across the European Union, according to a recent study. Equitable access to genetic testing for hemophilia; Across Europe varies and needs improvement, according to the authors of a recent analysis. Writing HaemophiliaThe researchers, who are based in Belgium, said … Read more

Scientists provide measures of organ development

The organs in the human body contain complex networks of fluid-filled tubes and loops. They come in different shapes and their three-dimensional structures relate differently to each other, depending on the organ. During fetal development, organs develop their shape and histological structure from a simple group of cells. Because of a lack of concepts and … Read more

Chris Hemsworth receives ‘strong indication’ of genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s while filming new show

CNN – Chris Hemsworth He embarked on a physically demanding personal journey for his new series, “Limitless,” which ultimately led to a real-life revelation. The “Thor” actor, 39, learns in episode one of the Disney+/National Geographic limited series — which shows him exploring ways to boost his longevity and fight aging — that he has … Read more