AP-NORC Poll: Economy Growing as a Priority in Russia’s Response

A new poll shows that Americans are becoming less supportive of punishing Russia for its invasion of Ukraine if it comes at the expense of the US economy, a sign of growing concern about inflation and other challenges. While broad support for US sanctions has not wavered, the balance of opinion about prioritizing sanctions over … Read more

Davos Updates | Emir of Qatar calls out to the West about the lives you value

DAVOS, Switzerland (AFP) – The ruler of Qatar has called for double standards in the West, recalling the killing of a Palestinian-American journalist during an Israeli raid this month. “We should not accept a world where governments have double standards on the value of people based on their region, race or religion,” Sheikh Tamim bin … Read more

The US and others say the APEC withdrawal targeted Russia because of the invasion

The United States and four other countries that pulled out of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Bangkok over the weekend reiterated their support on Monday for host country Thailand, saying their protest was aimed only at Russia over its invasion. Ukraine. US trade representative Catherine Taye and delegates from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and … Read more

Biden draws in Japan who will join the new Asian trade agreement

TOKYO (AFP) – President Joe Biden is set to launch on Monday a new Indo-Pacific trade agreement designed to signal the United States’ dedication to the region and address the need for stability in trade after the chaos caused by the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The White House says the new Indo-Pacific economic … Read more

Yellen’s global tax plan faces resistance abroad and at home

KOENIGSWINTER, Germany (AP) – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen marked a “historic day” last summer when more than 100 countries agreed to a global tax deal, aimed at putting the world’s nations on an equal footing in attracting and keeping multinational corporations. President Joe Biden tweeted that the idea was “Diplomacy is reshaping our global economy … Read more

“I do not see the light”: War fuel prices are rising in Europe

Milan (AFP) – Edoardo Ronzoni inspects a construction site near Milan that he closed in March as material costs soared. Cannot complete a semi-circle built at an intersection known for fender flares because asphalt, cast iron pipes and concrete are very expensive – prices have been exacerbated by the Russian war in Ukraine. Public works … Read more

The Republican Party directs the wrath of the culture war toward the direction of green investment

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Republicans are teetering against Wall Street’s increased efforts to consider factors such as long-term environmental risks in investment decisions, the latest indication that the Republican Party is willing to damage its relationship with big business to score culture war points. Many target a concept known as ESG – which stands … Read more

Stocks drop sharply as target problems renew inflation fears

NEW YORK – The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 1,100 points and the S&P 500 saw its biggest drop in nearly two years on Wednesday, as heavy profit losses by Target and other major retailers fueled investor fears that rising inflation could… Deep into the companies. earnings. The massive selling erased gains from … Read more

The European Union rushes to draw up a $300 billion roadmap to get rid of Russian energy

Brussels (AFP) – The European Union’s executive arm moved on Wednesday to move the 27-nation bloc’s plans to ditch Russian energy amid the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine.By proposing a package worth about 300 billion euros ($315 billion) that would include more efficient use of fuels and a faster roll out of renewable energy. The European … Read more

US and Banks Reveal Plan to Relieve Food Crisis from Russia’s War

The United States, several global development banks and other groups unveiled a multi-billion dollar plan Wednesday aimed at tackling the global food security crisis exacerbated by Russia’s war in Ukraine.. The Treasury announced that several global development banks were “working quickly to afford their funding, policy engagement, and technical assistance” to prevent war-induced famine, rising … Read more