The normalization of marijuana gets science’s approval

Stephen F Gambesia Inside Sources More state lawmakers are preparing to legalize “recreational” marijuana beyond its medical use. Surprisingly few healthcare and public health groups or leaders are resisting what is likely to be the next public health crisis. While surveys show that the public is open to using cannabis for medical and even recreational … Read more

The study found that women turn to online support groups for information about cannabis and pregnancy

A new study sheds light on the kind of information pregnant women are looking for online when it comes to giving birth … [+] for cannabis. GT It’s no secret that expectant mothers and women are highly scrutinized for their cannabis use. Since it is unethical to study or experiment on pregnant women, as well … Read more

The first legal retail licenses for weed will be awarded in New York on Monday as the black market flourishes

New York is preparing to award its first retail licenses to sell legal cannabis products on Monday — but regulated dealers will face up to the smoke because of a burgeoning black market, The Post has learned. The state cannabis control board is expected to review applications from companies and nonprofit organizations and award some … Read more