Learn all about Lucky Girl Syndrome, the latest mental health hack to go viral on social media

Have you ever looked at some people and thought they were fair lucky And that everything always seems to be going their way? Well, according to a new mental health ‘hack’ going viral on social media, you don’t need to be jealous of them anymore as you too can harness the power of being ‘lucky’. … Read more

Not just your liver, heart, and kidneys, drinking alcohol can also damage your DNA

Over the years, there has been a lot of research pointing to this drinking alcoholIt can help, albeit just a little bit, keep your heart in good shape, and this wine may help delay aging. But now experts are debunking this very finding. According to his research American Cancer SocietyAlcohol contributes to more than 75,000 … Read more

At Global South Voice Summit, PM Modi gives mantra ‘Response, Recognize, Respect, Reform’

In his opening remarks at the Voice of the Global South summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday that “the world is in a state of crisis” and told leaders of developing countries that “your voice is India’s voice” and “your priorities are India’s priorities”. . Addressing the first session of the two-day special virtual … Read more