The European Union has approved a law banning the import of goods linked to deforestation

BRUSSELS/SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The European Union on Tuesday approved a new law to prevent companies from selling coffee, beef, soybeans and other commodities linked to worldwide deforestation on EU markets. The law would require companies to issue a due diligence statement showing their supply chains are not contributing to forest destruction before selling goods … Read more

Kids Count’s 2022 County Data Book measures the well-being of Kentucky children, by county; Smoking during pregnancy decreases | News

Examining the well-being of children in each county, the 2022 Kentucky County Children’s Data Book emphasizes the importance of creating meaningful policies to support Kentucky youth, with an emphasis on listening and acting on what young people have to say. important to them. “We want to challenge our lawmakers to read and listen to this … Read more

Breeder’s Cup Experience VR Sports Growth Eyes

We were all there – watching a game in awe of the athletes and their incredible achievements. We wondered what it would be like to fly through the air like LeBron James, smash a big home run like Aaron Judge, or make a side pass for a landing like Patrick Mahomes. Then we head to … Read more