Promoting Healthy Competition – Digital Healthcare Market Study for the Competition Bureau

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinvigorated interest in modernizing Canada’s healthcare system. For its part, the Competition Bureau (“DeskThe Digital Healthcare Market Study, to examine how pro-competitive policies can foster innovation and provide more choice and access to digital healthcare services for Canadians. After consultations with a range of stakeholders, the office published its first report … Read more

An MHP claims he was fired for searching for mental health resources

The Montana Department of Justice said this week that it is investigating claims by a former state trooper that he was fired after seeking help dealing with work-related PTSD. Zach Miller in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Lewis and Clark County Court last week that he was fired from the Montana Highway Patrol in … Read more

The Supreme Court refuses to grant special leave in the case of the invention of artificial intelligence

The Australian High Court has denied an application for special permission to a patent applicant who has filed an Australian patent application naming an artificial intelligence (AI) system as the inventor. The Supreme Court’s decision means that the prevailing position in Australia – that a patent application cannot identify a non-human inventor – stands. This … Read more

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Innovative companies in nearly every industry—from healthcare and investment to transportation and manufacturing—are rapidly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accomplish complex tasks with increased precision and accuracy. As these revolutionary technologies evolve and improve, they have become an important component of improving our ever-growing list of applications, including customer service, logistics, and … Read more