Gift guide for men who don’t want whiskey stones or golf clubs – patriotic

the shopping For the men in one’s life it can be tough, and that’s not helped by the fact that some gift guides for dads, brothers, and significant others seem to think that men all love whiskey, golf, and beard oil. Not every man wants a beer subscription or a 20-piece BBQ set (Real Suggestions … Read more

Older Americans say this great idea can make everyone better with money

Surveys regularly show that older Americans regret a lot of things — working too much, choosing the wrong partner, not taking care of their health, and so on. There are often financial regrets, too, such as not saving enough, and investing too little for retirement. This last regret has many causes: everything from the burden … Read more

Study: ‘Green’ Mediterranean Diet Burns Fat Faster

distance The “green” Mediterranean diet A new study shows that burning fat is 3 times faster than normal healthy eating. Research published in BMC Medicine The journal found that eating a plant-based Mediterranean diet allows the body to burn a dangerous type of body fat three times faster than those who eat a “healthy” diet … Read more

my class? Few Americans know or follow the American Nutrition Guide

Here’s a quick quiz: What replaced the Food Pyramid, the government’s guide to healthy eating that has been around for nearly 20 years? If you are confused, you are not alone. More than a decade after USDA officials abandoned the pyramid, few Americans have ever heard of MyPlate, a dinner-plate-shaped logo focused on fruits and … Read more

Cuba’s informal market is finding new space on the growing internet

Havana – In our Telegram group chat, messages roll like waves. “I need ibuprofen and liquid acetaminophen, please,” one user wrote. “It’s urgent, it’s for my 10-month-old.” Others offer medicines brought in from outside Cuba, adding, “Write to me in a direct letter.” Lists dotted with emojis offer antibiotics, pregnancy tests, vitamins, rash creams, and … Read more

Holiday shopping begins as inflationary sentiment drops

NEW YORK (AP) — While Black Friday will mark a return to familiar holiday shopping patterns, uncertainty remains. The US labor market remains strong, consumer spending is resilient and inflation is slowing. But higher prices for food, rent, gasoline and other household costs have weighed on shoppers. As a result, many are reluctant to spend … Read more

Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid have blasted silence over Balenciaga’s disturbing campaign

They can’t stand this anymore. Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid are celebrities that fans demand to denounce Balenciaga for its disturbing ads featuring children with teddy bears wearing bondage harnesses. Luxury fashion house The controversial campaign has been withdrawn Tuesday amid backlash. The next day, Balenciaga deleted every photo from her Instagram, however She left … Read more

Medibank data breach: How to switch health insurance companies if you’re concerned about cybersecurity, costs, or claims

More than half of Australians are pregnant Private health insurance. About a quarter, or nearly four million people, are members of Medibank – Australia’s largest health insurer and the company at the heart of the Electronic security busts. Watch the video above: How to protect yourself after a data breach. For more health and wellbeing … Read more

7 signs that you are ready to be an entrepreneur

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. I recently got a call with one of my best friends who had just moved in London To work in a large multinational public company. She is talented, successful and hard working. However, she called me full of tears, worry, and anger. “They’re restructuring the company; they’re cutting positions. … Read more

Stolen Staten Island painting returned 50 years ago

Call it a picture-perfect ending. plate stolen from Historic Richmond on Staten Island Decades ago, it miraculously found its way home to the museum – more than half a century later. One morning in November 1970, Anne Totten’s portrait of the Revolution era – a notable figure Staten Island Local It was discovered missing, among … Read more