Discovering unique microbes made easy using the DOE Systems Biological Knowledge Base (KBase)

Science microbes It is the basis of life on earth. These microorganisms play a major role in everything from converting sunlight to molecules essential for life. It helps produce a lot of oxygen in our atmosphere. They even rotate feeders between air and Soil. Scientists are constantly finding interactions between Microbes, plants, animals, and other … Read more

AS Genomic Analysis has entered into an agreement with Microbiome Research Pvt. Ltd. to launch GA-map technology in India

Oslo, Norway – 16 January 2023: Molecular Diagnostic Specialist, AS genetic analysis (“GA”) has entered into a Technology Transfer Agreement with Microbiome Research Pvt. Ltd. (“MRPL”)And a Mumbai Biotechnology company providing microbiome classification services within the gut microbiome space India. MRPL will launch a testing service suite based on the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test – making … Read more