NHL On Tap: Hot Robertson leads the Stars against the Avalanche

Hot Robertson is rolling over to Colorado Jason Robertson He’ll try to extend his goal and point streak for the Dallas Stars when they visit the Colorado Avalanche at Ball Arena (9 p.m. ET; ALT, BSSWX, ESPN+, SN NOW). Robertson scored twice in three straight games, including a 5-4 overtime loss to the Winnipeg Jets … Read more

The Rangers are challenged to juggle a hungry Connor McDavid

If there’s one justification for the National Hockey League’s matrix schedule, in which every team plays home and away against all 16 non-conference opponents at the expense of in-conference rivalries and playoff races, it’s that the Oilers’ No. 97 will be on park ice this afternoon. Saturday. Yes, Connor McDavid will be in town to … Read more

Rangers’ Jacob Trueba, Andre Miller was trying to reverse a dismal start

SEATTLE – Jacob Trueba and Candre Miller have had their ups and downs early in the season, just like the rest of their Rangers teammates. The defensive duo has been coming off the 2021-22 season as they’ve made huge strides on both sides of the pinch. And that made early mistakes this season all the … Read more

Rangers need to make playing the reunited kids streak a priority

Now that Gerard Gallant has taken what appears to be the inevitable step of reuniting the kids’ streak, the Rangers coach had to make sure Philippe Chettle, Kabo Kaku and Alexis Lavrenier didn’t get the traditional third-line minutes. This would defeat the purpose. Chris Kreider will meet Mika Zibanegad while Jimmy Vessy – who has … Read more

Rangers don’t have the same time to fix problems as last year’s team

After thirteen games last season, Rangers were in a bit of a mess. They were 7-3-3, okay, but the record was sandcastle-type stuff, built almost entirely on Igor Shesterkin’s work in another world in the grid. In fact, the thirteenth game for the blue jersey in 2021-22 was a 4-3 victory over the Panthers in … Read more