Repression of right-wing users exposed in latest ‘Twitter’ files

The second part of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” was taken down Thursday night and reveals how the social media giant has been secretly “blacklisting” conservative tweets and users. Freelance journalist Barry Weiss Hinge In a series of posts, how Twitter used a so-called “shadow ban” to limit the visibility of tweets from far-right users. Conservative … Read more

Brody Roy completed his 2022 season at the Grand Prix Night in Turkey

Almost eleven months after it started, Brody Roa finished the 2022 racing season at 81Street The Annual Turkey Night Grand Prix at Ventura Raceway by Jim Naylor. Competing for the USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series portion of the program in Jayson May’s beautiful No. 8M, the Garden Grove, California driver finished 17th.The tenth in … Read more

Harvey Weinstein’s ‘mutilated’ bodyguards have been examined at the Los Angeles rape trial

It was an experiment with testicles. Harvey Weinstein and his “mutilated” genitalia have been examined for weeks during his rape trial in Los Angeles – and the jury is deciding whether the resounding testimonies about the perverted genitals are enough to convict the fallen Hollywood giant a second time. In his opening statement, Deputy District … Read more

China softens its position on the Corona virus, after protests and clashes with the police | Coronavirus pandemic news

China is softening its tone on the severity of COVID-19 and easing some coronavirus restrictions after anger over the world’s toughest pandemic restrictions sparked protests in several cities across the country, some of which led to clashes with police. With daily cases remaining near record levels even after a prolonged lockdown, China’s Vice Premier Sun … Read more

Plastic ‘usually’ in Ho Chi Minh City leaves piles of waste | Environmental news

Ho Chi Minh City – Kieu Anh Tran heads down a small alley to her workshop in Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Inside, her team is busy washing used plastic tarpaulins, cutting patterns, and sewing discarded materials into backpacks, totes, and purses. In the southern city and commercial center of Vietnam, there is … Read more

The suspect with mental health issues faces 8 counts

Police: The Prior Lakes family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside The suspect fled police on Friday afternoon and ran into a home, with Prior Lake officers close behind them. The family fled the home before the suspect barricaded himself inside. A nearly nine-hour standoff with police began. Prior Lake, Minnesota (FOX … Read more

New York Liberty: Black Friday Wish List

In its quest to find items on its Black Friday wish list, the New York Liberty won’t have to deal with crowds and camping out in the immediate aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they’ll face more dangerous threats that almost every reveler can empathize with: their 11 WNBA sisters. Despite its relatively dismal end, Liberty’s … Read more

Brody Roy wrapped up his 2022 campaign at the Night Grand Prix of Turkey at Ventura

Southern California racing veteran Brody Roa will cap off another successful season tonight and Saturday, November 25th.The tenth and 26The tenthin the USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series at 81Street Run the Turkey Night Grand Prix at C. Naylor-Ventura Raceway. The veteran driver will be back behind the wheel of the amazing Jayson May #8M … Read more

How Jennifer Sibel Newsom became a champion for youth mental health

Sacramento, California. – Senior Partner Jennifer Sibel Newsom has spent decades highlighting, examining, and advancing young people’s mental health. But for her, the subject goes beyond professional duties. It’s personal. When Siebel Newsom was 6 years old, her older sister died in an accident, leaving her to deal with grief and emotional turmoil at an … Read more

Study: Age at which children acquire cell phones is not linked to well-being News Center

“One possible explanation for these findings is that parents do a good job of matching their decisions to give their children phones to the needs of their children and families,” said Robinson. “These findings should be seen as empowering parents to do what they think is right for their family.” He noted that early phone … Read more