A Texas mom warns that watching Hocus Pocus 2 may open the gates of hell to American homes

A Texas mom warned American families that watching Hocus Pocus 2 could cast evil spells in their homes — and might even open the gates of hell. Jamie Gooch, 33, of Troy, has urged parents not to let their kids watch the PG-rated Hocus Pocus 2, which premiered at Disney+ September 30 with great anticipation, … Read more

Cleveland Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell made his new team debut, and simply felt ‘a little different’

10:45 PM ET Tim BontempsESPN Philadelphia – Less than five weeks since it was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers in a stunning off-trade deal for an off-season crown in the NBA, Donovan Mitchell He made his Cavaliers debut Wednesday in the Cleveland season opener. And after finishing with 16 points in 6-for-9, including 3-for-4 from … Read more

How far do Leaf golfers fall in the rankings? Take a look | Golf news and tour information

If there was a bit of desperation in LIV Golf’s recent attempt to find a way for its events to deliver golf’s official world ranking points –Partnership with the Middle East and North Africa Development Round, which has not held any event for more than two years– That might be understandable. Among the remaining obstacles … Read more

Kansas Jayhawks football coach Lance Leibold had no plans to leave the Badgers’ open job despite ties to Wisconsin

Lawrence, Kansas – Long-suffering Kansas football fans mostly thought it was fun when Nebraska fired Scott Frost and rumors began that the Huskers would be interested in hiring Jayhawks’ Lance Leibold as their next coach. When did Wisconsin fire its coach this week? The feeling was not so much flattered as it was fear. Born … Read more

Players at the upcoming Women’s Basketball World Cup will have more breaks in the table

SYDNEY – The players at this year’s World Cup had some concerns about the competition, including the compressed schedule and tournament timing, and the women took their grievance to the top. The Secretary General of the International Basketball Federation, Andreas Zacklis, spoke with several players during the recent tournament. Offer a quick fix to the … Read more

Josie shines for the Predators in victory in his hometown of Berne, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland – The horn sounded, and the fans got to their feet and applauded. Well, at least the fans who aren’t already on their feet cheer, cheer, and sing the whole game. The Nashville Predators and SC Burn were lined up on the blue stripes of the three stars, and there was no doubt … Read more

“In most cases, a seed of $25 million is too high. It makes no sense.”

Some call it a crisis and some call it “organized restructuring”. Either way, it is undeniable that recent months have seen a correction in Israel’s high-tech ecosystem as companies have laid off dozens of employees and IPO listings have been scrapped at the last minute. 2021 saw record-breaking money invested in Startup Nation, and yesterday’s … Read more

In light of Britney Grenier’s legal status, WNBA players skip Russia in the off-season

Sydney – Britney GreinerHighly publicized legal troubles in Russia and the country’s invasion of Ukraine made the WNBA’s top players choose to move their talents elsewhere out of the season. Over the past few decades, Russia has been the preferred destination for WNBA players to compete due to high salaries that can exceed $1 million … Read more

New York Yankees’ Zach Britton, who recently returned from Tommy John surgery, walks out with left arm fatigue after a wild pitch.

10:44 PM ET Marley RiveraESPN writer Close Marley Rivera is a staff writer at ESPNdeportes.com and ESPN.com. New York — Zach BrittonAspirations to be part of the Yankees’ post-season roster may have taken another blow Friday night after the veteran director, who returned last week from Tommy John’s surgery, removed New York’s 2-1 loss to … Read more

Do you exercise but still suffer from pain? This might be the reason

Estimated reading time: 4-5 minutes It’s a tale as old as time: suffer from joint pain that just won’t go away, even though you’re doing everything right on paper. I’ve tried more therapies, rehab, and alternative therapies – even the “just give it time” method – but keep getting to the point of recovery. Often … Read more