Dave Brown Batabian Little: “Exercise really saved my life, because I really hated my life at one point”

“If people ask me how I feel, I’m always honest,” says Dave Letely. The attached photo South Auckland Community Leader Dave Letely, aka Brown Buttabean, is a life coach, motivational speaker, and founder of BBM. He has lost over 100 kg through good nutrition and exercise and now dedicates his time to helping communities suffering … Read more

Decades-long efforts to reduce stillbirth risk in the United States have been offset by newly identified risks

Decades-old efforts to reduce the stillbirth rate in the United States have stalled, and progress has faltered in closing the persistent gap in the excess stillbirths black women experience compared to white women, according to a study led by Rutgers. “Over the past 40 years, we have reduced some risk factors for stillbirth, such as … Read more

Could fast food labels displaying exercise required to burn calories help reduce obesity?

Food labels displaying the amount of exercise needed to burn the calories in the product are promoted as a way to reduce obesity, but not everyone is convinced. Researchers at Loughborough University in the UK believe that rating selected foods by physical activity calorie equivalent (PACE), which tells people how much walking or running is … Read more

Daily disruption leads to weight gain through changes in the gut microbiota

In a recent study published in the journal, molecular metabolismResearchers studied the effect of environmental and genetic disorders on circadian rhythms on peripheral circadian synchronization and oscillations of the gastrointestinal microbiome. Stady: Original Article Biological genetic and environmental disturbances lead to weight gain through changes in the gut microbiome. Image Credit: Alpha Tauri 3D Graphics … Read more