The oil market fears a recession more than a drop in fuel stocks

The oil market ended another choppy week of frenetic trading, swinging up and down the $5 per barrel range as it was dragged between bullish and bearish catalysts in both directions each day. Both criteria It reached its highest level in eight weeks early Tuesday, only to pull back later in the day and join … Read more

Oil prices under pressure as China considers Russian crude

China added some downward pressure on oil prices this week when it clearly indicated its intention to buy more discounted Russian oil. Between China and India, Russia is racing to focus on Asia as the European Union tries to get rid of its oil. Oil Price Alert: This week Global Energy Alert It highlights two … Read more

California’s $6 Gas Price Could Spread Across the Country: Analysts

The average price of gasoline could reach $6 nationwide by the end of the summer after it crossed the frightening threshold in California, according to analysts at JPMorgan. Limited offer exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of UkraineBesides what is expected to be very high demand as Americans take the roads this summer for travel, gas prices … Read more

High petrol and diesel prices remain

Gasoline and diesel prices in the United States are hitting record highs almost every day these days, as crude oil prices have stabilized above $110 a barrel, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent global crude oil and refined product trade flows up, and refining capacity globally is now less than It was before. Pandemic … Read more