Scientists have hinted at the first dark matter ever observed in the universe

What little do we know dark matter They come from calculations based on the glow of surrounding galaxies. However, the farther away we looked, the fainter the starlight became, making it difficult to see the subtle influence of these more mysterious forces. A collaboration of astronomers from Japan and the United States has found a … Read more

Physicists have simulated the primitive quantum structure of our universe

Long enough peer in the sky, and the universe begins to resemble a city at night. Galaxies take on the characteristics of streetlights crammed into neighborhoods of dark matter, linked to highways of gas that run along the shores of intergalactic nothingness. This map of the universe was predetermined, drawn up in the tiniest moments … Read more

You can take a trip to outer space – if you can afford a $125,000 ticket

If you’re thinking about where to go for your next vacation, how about somewhere out of this world? Literally. A space tourism company is giving the world’s most daring travelers – and perhaps some of the wealthiest – a chance to visit outer space for a few hours, but it would cost a pretty penny. … Read more