What does the Inflation Reduction Act mean to cover your Medicare | personal financing

Alex Rosenberg Significant changes to the affordability of prescription drugs for over 50 million registered beneficiaries Medicare Part D You’ll likely be on the way because of a bill headed to the president’s office. President Joe Biden, in a speech in July announcing a deal in Congress, said the inflation-reduction bill “finally fulfills a decades-old … Read more

Senate Democrats Pass Budget Package… Victory for Biden | Health, medicine and fitness

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Buying cheap stocks isn’t the same as investing in value – it pays to know the difference | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Stephon Walters) There are many different types of investors: some focus on developing stocks, others prefer dividend-paying stocks, and others look for value. Value investors seek to trade stocks at a lower price than their price intrinsic (or real) value. By finding companies whose stock price does not reflect their business or financial statements (such … Read more

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Study finds that people who change their typical jobs get a pay increase of about 10%.

Anchorage photos | Digital Vision | Getty Images Many workers who have recently changed jobs have seen their new pay raises outpace inflation by a large margin — about 10% or more, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center. The typical American who changed employer in the year from April 2021 to … Read more

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