The normalization of marijuana gets science’s approval

Stephen F Gambesia Inside Sources More state lawmakers are preparing to legalize “recreational” marijuana beyond its medical use. Surprisingly few healthcare and public health groups or leaders are resisting what is likely to be the next public health crisis. While surveys show that the public is open to using cannabis for medical and even recreational … Read more

Virtual reality may reduce procedural distress in pediatric IV placement

1. In a single-center randomized trial, young children in a pediatric emergency room who participated in a virtual reality (VR) trial had lower standardized pain scores during placement of intravenous catheters (IVs). 2. Subgroup analysis suggested that the effect of the VR experience on reducing visual distress and perceived pain was stronger for female patients. … Read more

Parental discord is linked to children’s genetic risk for alcohol problems

Parents can pass the genetic risk of alcohol problems to their children not only directly, but also indirectly through genetically influenced aspects of the home environment, such as marital discord or divorce, according to one of the Rutgers researchers. The study published in Molecular PsychiatryChildren’s exposure to parental relationship conflict or divorce was found to … Read more