Sources say Prince Harry will be permanently ‘exiled’ by ‘ruthless’ King Charles

my king The Daily Beast’s newsletter for everything related to the royal family and the royal family. Subscription over here To get it in your inbox every Sunday. Prince Harry Faces a life of permanent “exile” with King Charles The Daily Beast understands that it plans to follow the playbook laid down by the royals … Read more

Meghan Markle: Was Meghan Markle the only royal who cried at the Queen’s funeral? The Internet is divided

Meghan Markle’s fans have set up an online section after claiming she was the only member of the royal family who cried at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. However, several photos clearly showed that other members of the royal family are also crying. The Duchess of Sussex was seen and caught wiping a tear during the … Read more

The Queen’s eight grandchildren held a silent vigil by her coffin

LONDON (AFP) – All eight grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II stood in silent vigil by her coffin on Saturday, capping another huge day of thousands of people coming to pay their respects. Mourners thronged in line across London, enduring the city’s coldest night in months and waiting for up to 16 hours. Authorities have warned … Read more

ICBC and BC courts are set to close on Monday, and health services will remain open

The decision to grant a day off for public sector workers in British Columbia came on Monday, coinciding with the funeral Queen Elizabeth II It has unintended consequences. National holiday means ICBC appointments and cases will need to be rescheduled. British Columbia on Wednesday announced plans to give all public sector workers and Crown employees … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin procession underway in London

London (AFP) – Queen Elizabeth II She left Buckingham Palace for the last time on Wednesday, her coffin carried in a horse-drawn carriage and her bereaved family left behind during a trip to the Houses of Parliament, where it will be held in the state until the funeral early next week. With the royal standard … Read more

King Charles III was officially proclaimed the new King of Britain in a centuries-old accession council ceremony

King Charles III, the world’s newest monarch, was formally proclaimed King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Saturday morning in a constitutional celebration dating back hundreds of years. Nearly 700 members of the current Accession Council, the oldest working part of the British government, were called to a meeting on … Read more

So, how heavy are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now?

my king The Daily Beast’s newsletter for everything related to the royal family and the royal family. Subscription over here To get it in your inbox every Sunday. There was a glimmer of hope that Harry and Meghan might not be fully together now Cut off from the royal family On Friday, when King Charles, … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: A mysterious king, subject to endless scrutiny on stage and on screen

She was the most obscure celebrity, and a silent movie star that somehow thrived in the TikTok world. If no one except her closest friends and family knew what Queen Elizabeth II really was, that’s exactly what she wanted. Her royal reserve, her unemotional expressions, her resistance to personal revelation – all this made the … Read more