Putin’s advocate Yevgeny Satanovsky says he penned a ‘kill list’ of Western officials on Russian state TV

The fateful Russian invasion Ukraine disintegrates at the seams, and Senior Kremlin propagandist break up with him. In the absence of good news from the front, the Putin regime is promoting other ideas about how to deal with self-disaster. The eminent experts who routinely appear on state television controlled by the Kremlin categorically reject the … Read more

Oil markets are preparing for a bullish run

After weeks of losses, oil markets seem to be preparing for a rally as several bullish catalysts combine. The expected cut in OPEC+ production targets will follow the end of the release of the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve before new sanctions are imposed on Russian oil and then the fuel goes into effect. Like Bloomberg … Read more

Countries “furious” at the European Union’s reluctance to consider capping gas prices – Politico

Click play to listen to this article The European Commission has some explanation to do on Friday when the national energy ministers Meets To discuss ways to lower energy prices, several diplomats said. They want to know why Brussels has not yet clarified what the maximum price for imported natural gas might look like – … Read more

Economy flights from Moscow to Dubai cost up to $5,000 as Russians flee

The airline industry has been hampered by a perfect storm of challenges over recent weeks, from labor shortages and supply disruptions to high fuel prices. soba pictures | Light Rocket | Getty Images Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Round-trip economy flights from Moscow to Dubai cost up to $5,000, many of which were sold out … Read more

Pink Floyd: Roger Waters’ shows in Poland canceled after Ukraine’s controversial speech

CNN – Brirtish rock legend and Co-founder Pink Floyd Roger Waters’ concerts in Poland in April have been canceled amid a backlash for the musician’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Live Nation Poland, the party’s promoter, confirmed the cancellation on Saturday but did not specify a reason. The cancellation comes after Waters, 79, was … Read more

Russian torture chambers revealed in the Ukrainian city of Balaklia

Balaklia, Eastern Ukraine – “Our Father who is in Heaven,” the words of the Lord’s Prayer begin in the side of a wall in a turning police station torture chamber In the recently liberated city of Balaklia. The floors of the cells were still stained with blood, and the smell of human excrement and rotting … Read more

NASA astronaut, Russian cosmonauts blast off into space

New York CNN Business – A Russian capsule has carried an American cosmonaut into space today, marking a remarkable continuation of the Russian-American partnership in space in an era of great geopolitical tension. The spacecraft took off from the famous Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, on board were NASA astronauts Frank Rubio and Russian cosmonauts – … Read more

Putin admits that China has “questions and concerns” about Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine

CNN – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised China’s “balanced position” on Ukraine warAlthough he admitted that Beijing had “questions and concerns” about the invasion, in what appeared to be a veiled acknowledgment of their divergent views about the protracted military offensive. Putin made the remarks while meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping in person … Read more

China and Russia move to disrupt the dollar’s dominance in the oil markets

The long-discussed expectations of ending the dominance of the US dollar in global oil and gas markets took another step toward realization last week with the announcement of an agreement between Russian and Chinese hydrocarbon giants, Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to switch over. Payments for gas supplies are in rubles (RUB) and … Read more

A just and inclusive Europe – POLITICO

Alpha Finn is the general secretary of the social platform. This summer was supposed to be our first regular season since 2019. But for many, due to the rising cost of living, getting back to normal has become a distant dream. As the largest leading organization fighting for social justice, members of civil society in … Read more