Dr.. Patricia Grayhall “Making the Tours” :: Bay Area Reporter

Beginning with her first memories of trying to fit in, Making the Rounds: Challenging the Rules in Love and Medicine is an interesting memoir and Greyhall’s first book. Like many gay people from stifling conservative places, Patricia Grayhall fled her hometown of Phoenix when she was 19 to find freedom in San Francisco. Determined to … Read more

The largest photography fair in the Asia Pacific region will host its inaugural New York edition this fall

Photoverse, the largest photography fair in Asia, will begin in New York next year. Crewe, the event organizer, has announced that the first New York photoshoot will take place September 8-10, 2023 at the Javits Center, right next door to the Armory Gallery. The exhibition, held in partnership with Angus Montgomery Arts, will showcase the … Read more

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Innovative companies in nearly every industry—from healthcare and investment to transportation and manufacturing—are rapidly embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to accomplish complex tasks with increased precision and accuracy. As these revolutionary technologies evolve and improve, they have become an important component of improving our ever-growing list of applications, including customer service, logistics, and … Read more