Apple is having a big problem with its supplier’s iPhone factory in China

Hong Kong CNN Business – violent Workers’ revolution at the world’s largest iPhone factory this week in central China, stressing Apple’s strained supplies and highlighting how the country’s strict no-Covid policy is hurting global tech companies. The unrest began last month when workers left the factory campus in Zhengzhou, the capital of central Henan Province, … Read more

Could the Quartet Help Realize India’s Space Station Dreams? – the diplomat

ads Last month, China launched its Long March 5B heavy rocket into low Earth orbit, carrying the final module to the Tiangong space station. The significance of the Chinese space station’s completion has been somewhat lost, however, as much attention has been taken away by the uncontrolled re-entry of Long March 5 B’s main body. … Read more

‘Joyland’ banned: Pakistan bans national release of film depicting sexual liberation story

Islamabad, Pakistan CNN – The Pakistani government has banned the nationwide release of “Joyland”, the first Pakistani film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, just a week before it is due to hit cinemas in the South Asian country. “Joyland” tells the love story between the youngest son of a “happy co-parenting family” … Read more

COP27: What is “Loss and Damage”, the main issue of the Climate Summit

CNN – Aftab Khan felt helpless when the torrential rains submerged one third of Pakistanhis homeland. Khan’s hometown was completely underwater. His friend saved a woman walking barefoot, carrying her sick child, through stagnant flood waters for 15 miles. Khan’s mother, who now lives with him in Islamabad, was unable to return home on washed … Read more